Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Too White Crew has huge shoes to fill – bass player needed!

Our bass player (Miggida)3 Matt never quit his day job and those dirty rats just gave him a big promo!  So after almost 7 years with TWC he will be hanging up his Puma track suit one last time soon. That means a big opportunity for someone out there who can do it all like Miggida – play bass, sing, rap, play some keys and be extremely cool.

If you know someone, please pass this along!

Send all inquiries to



All The Single Ladies

Another crazy weekend down. We couldn’t believe the record we set while seeing how many kids we could fit on our stage wih us. I’m pretty sure that I lost count half way through “It’s Tricky.”

Friday night at BenFest was a total blast! We all got a bit lucky with the awesome weather, and the energy was over the top. Even all the shorties were dancin’ from the beginning to end! Thank you, thank you!

…and Freeport, I wanted to personally thank the crazy who decided to chuck their beer on stage. I’ve never had a shower that felt so good! :)  Logan’s Bar is always a sure throw down. That was one of the greatest welcomes we’ve had in a minute.

Check the pics from that back parking lot HERE. Keep an eye on our schedule and come join the party near you! We are always down to clown.

Now, let’s all take a minute and admire the text I got this morning.



BenFest Friday and Logan’s Bar & Grill Saturday!

See our calendar for the 411 on these and other upcoming shows!



We’re almost there…

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s almost Thursday, which means it’s almost the weekend! For real, who doesn’t love the weekend?!

Friday night, we’re blowin’ up the main stage at BenFest @ St. Benedict Parish & School on Irving Park Rd.  We hit at 8:30 and we’ll be jumpin’ around up ’til 10. It’s been a while since we’ve thrown down this G-rated of a show, but check out the pics from the last time we played this one. A little rain didn’t slow anybody down.

Then on Saturday, we’ll be making our return to Logan’s Bar in Freeport, IL. We’re calling all our Rockford peeps to come hang with us too. Check the pics from this one last year. It really turned into an out of control parking lot bash!

Just throwin’ it out there, we will be down to clown.

Now, make sure you’ve stocked up on some of the gear we’ve got in our online store. You can pick out and design pretty much anything you’d want to rock to a Too White Crew show.

Also, keep in touch with us on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew). You can get yourself involved with a little more of the backstage crazy.

Now, I’m about to get back to my favorite holiday… Stay classy! ;)



Dryin’ out our sweat towels

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn!  This weekend was packed with crazy.

Doc’s Inn was totally insane: the crowd, the energy, the shots, the drinks, the…everything! If it were any different, we woulda struggled getting through that hot, sticky, and sweaty show. The QC never fails to show the love. We’ll be back, y’all! Keep your eyes on our schedule for Labor Day Weekend.


When we returned to the CHI for Saturday night at Summer On Southport, a little threat of rain storms didn’t scare anyone away! Nobody was just chillin’ either. The entire crowd stayed on their feet and dancing along with us the whole night. It was another hot and sweaty one, so we had just as much fun as everyone else. And lots of you even came to our after party at Justin’s for a sendoff to our main wingman “PatrickOnTheBatteries.”

Speaking of: Patrick, we’re missin’ you already, dude! Feel free to take your weekends off once in a while, and come party with us again.

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PS – Please help us find our tour bus:



Wrigleyville ain’t nuttin ta…





This weekend is packed with two of our favorites to throw a mid-summer party. 

First up, Friday night @ Doc’s Inn in Silvis, IL!  Quad Cities, taking a pull off our almost-patented Boone’s bong is worth the trip right thurr. If you missed it last year we were here, check out the evidence of what you’re about to witness. Just in case you need help figuring out what exactly is happening, it’s an over-the-top TWC throw down – which includes just about anything you could imagine without getting e’rryone tossed in a paddy wagon.

Did we mention it’s tented?

Saturday night, we make our return to the Chi at the Summer on Southport stage. There’s a huge list of awesome bands there to warm y’all up, but pace yourselves.  Too White Crew takes over before it’s time for the after party at Justin’s (3358 N. Southport) . We hit at 8:00!

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Now, check out some food for thought:



Thank You, Chicago!


You braved the typical July tundra and the fog …where are we, London?… and repped at the Beer Garden @ Navy Pier last Wednesday night – along with a busload of our homies from Indiana. This is why we couldn’t call it until our keys were gettin’ wet UNDER the tarps. True dedication right thurr. Thank YOU.

Saturday night went down without skippin’ a beat, except for when the Fly Girls bounced the stage so hard it rocked Shor T’s turntable.  We brought on our Extremely Worthless Posse, and they couldn’t even keep up with the crowd that came to throw down with us. Taste of Lakeview is always one of our favorites because of that. Next up in Chicago… Summer on Southport this Saturday at @8:00 on the Main Stage!

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Speaking of “know”…if ya don’t, now ya do!



Taste of Lakeview Saturday!!!!

 Too White Crew will represent in the 773 at the Taste of Lakeview. Meet us at the south stage (Belmont & Lincoln) at 8pm. We’ll call this one the official “4th of July After Party.”

While we all count down the minutes to showtime, join the party and invite your homies on Facebook. If that isn’t enough of a play-by-play for you, get more a sneak peak of the clownin’ that happens offstage, backstage, in our cars, or while we bob for 40s on Instagram & Twitter (@toowhitecrew).

Just in case you were at all curious, we’d love to find 6 sets of these for our Fly Girls. Not that they need the help getting off the ground, it’d just be really funny:



Before We Say Goodbye to June…

This past weekend was in. sane.

Peoria, you guys make us feel like rockstars EVERY time we visit you. There’s something to be said when we can’t even hear each other over all the screams from the riverfront stage. We’ll be back at CEFCU Centerstage on September 6th. That’s a Saturday. Plan accordingly.

J-town… you keep doin’ you. The crew always has a blast watching the chaos that emerges at Harrah’s Casino. We will make our return to Stage 151 in the fall. In the meantime we will be in and around the south side and even making our way through Hollywood in August.

And finally, CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!!! Chicago Summerfest was the best way to end June. As G-rated as we tried to keep ourselves, it was in NO WAY a disappointment even with C-note keepin’ his forty out of sight (it was hiding in our changing tent, shhhh…)

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There’s more evidence of the awesome coming soon, but here’s a sample: