Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

CENTRAL ILLINOIS, we’re coming for you.

This weekend, Too White Crew is going to make things happen. I mean, shit is gonna get real.

I’mma start with Friday night. We’re making our return to Backstage @ Hollywood Casino in Joliet. Last time we hit this joint, it sold out before our first set even finished! We’ve got the pics to prove it. AND!!! From what I can remember, it was one of the finest booty-shake contests I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. Ladies, bring it! Bring it all to us THIS Friday. The bomb drops at 8PM.

Saturday night’s a different story. For the first time in like…ever, the crew is chuggin’ our Colt 45‘s all the way south to the annual Kincaid Family Picnic. “Look it, look it, look it…” We haven’t hit Central Illinois in a HOT second; it’s been more like almost a lifetime, or something, cause I don’t think I even knew what weave was the last time they made this trip.
Whoa! I’m really dating myself now.
We hit the stage @ 9PM. It’s all ages, so don’t worry about bad language. We got this.

On a seriously serious note: THIS WEEKEND IS (MIGGIDA)3 MATT’S LAST COUPLE OF FULL SHOWS! This dude kills it like it’s never been before, and as thrilled as we all are for his new adventures comin’ at him, he’s gonna be hella missed. This guy has been the brains behind many of those medleys that y’all have partied to – little did you know, huh? Dude’s got skills! Come out and let’s give him a proper send off.

Oh! I just thought I’d share this new trick that I can’t wait to try. Like, for real. Check it!

Don’t act like you didn’t just jump a little.




This weekend was IN. SANE.

We played a killer private party Friday night at the Chop Shop in Wicker Park for some of our favorite high-rollers. It included a cameo performance of Ron Jeremy (yes, you heard me THE Ron Jeremy) on his harmonica rippin’ a badass “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Tell me if your dreams wouldn’t have been fulfilled after that. Seriously.
I’m afraid if I get too into detail about what else went down that night, it’d be going against the sanctity of it being a “private” event. ;)

Saturday night, we got to tear it up with our Rockford peeps @ Cherry Valley Days. This is one of my new favorites, because ya’ll really knew how to make us feel like rockstars. Your energy is what keeps us going on muggy nights like that one. Thank you, thank you.

I’m gonna get back to my sabbatical now. But before I do, check out this teaser of evidence from this weekend’s throw down:



Guess What Day It Is.

Yup! It’s Wednesday. It’s an awesome day in Chicago and I’m about to hit the pool. Before I do, I’m reminding all of you guys about the stuff we’ve got going on this weekend so plans can continue to be made. ;)

Friday night we’re gonna be ballin’ with the best of ‘em. The party we’re crashin’ is gonna be SO badass, that we can’t even tell you where it’s at. All I can say is that we can’t wait to get there.

Saturday, we bring the noise to Cherry Valley Days. That means you, Rockford peeps. When we hit at 10pm, you know it’s on. AAAAAAND it’s ALL AGES – bring the kids! They’ll love that we don’t even start until after bedtime.

Also, another upcoming weekend means you’ve got a couple more days to make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew); and join the crew on Facebook. You’ll see all sorts of the behind-the-scenes craziness that we don’t get to share with everybody.

Sidenote: if you’re having a drag-assy kind of week, here’s something you should remember.



As Fest Season Wraps Up…

Okay ya’ll, summer is coming to a close and the fests are slowing down.  The beautiful fall weather this past weekend didn’t stop ANYONE from coming out and  joining the parties, though.

Friday night blew our minds! It was chilly before we started, and the entire street was packed with you clowns…the whole night! Festa Italiana was a first for us this year and with that kind of welcome, the amazing food, and of course the awesome Star Events crew, I hope we get to hang in Little Italy again next year.

Lake Geneva’s Venetian Fest wasn’t any less exciting. You guys packed yourselves in and refused to move throughout our three sets! That’s a long night, and the party didn’t even stop there – I heard there was quite the throw down afterwards at Champs. Way to set the bar and raise it all at the same time, Wisconsin.
Thank you to the Jaycees for having us back this year, and to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to making that night another one of our favorites.

And yesterday is a little foggy for me…because it was. That STILL didn’t stop the entire lot from filling up. Edison Park, you guys surprised us with your Sunday Funday abilities to keep up with the crew. I’m pretty sure, I never managed to finish the forty like I promised C-note I would, BUT I bet anyone in that crowd could’ve managed.

Okay. So seriously, guys, the summer is clearly coming to an end. As much as it totally bums me out to realize and share that newsflash with you, it doesn’t mean that all of our outdoor shows are done. We’ve got a few more coming up, and you can check ‘em here, on our website, or our tourdates tab on Facebook.
Also, keep up with us on Twitter & Instagram (@toowhitecrew / toowhitecrew).

Now, realize I couldn’t pick just one crowd shot from this weekend, but I was forced to by no fault of my own. Edison Park Fest, you guys win. CHECK IIIIIIIT!



Say it ain’t so yo! Summer is fading fast and it feels like it just got here.

This weekend holds our LAST two Chicago fests of the season. Stop it.  TWC is at Festa Italiana in Chicago’s Little Italy (Taylor & Racine) Friday from 8-10PM…maybe 10:30 if the Five-Oh’s allow.

Saturday at 8:00, we roll out to Wisconsin at the 52nd annual Venetian Festival in Lake Geneva. Our show there last summer was the greatest surprise of the season. Can’t wait to do it again and then go shoot hoops with erryone at Champs Sports Bar & Grill afterwards. Who’s gonna have the AFTER after party on a boat?! Anyone? Bueller??

Then Sunday, we finish out our city fests at Edison Park Fest from 8-10. It’s our first time doing this fest and all reports say it’s a great way to end the season. Big ups to Tara Shannon BTW, who helped regulate this post.

Now, back to Venetian Fest for a minute. Here’s what went down last time… :)



Oh, Monday…

Monday means it’s time to take a head count of who survived the weekend. No one from the crew drowned on the way to, or from, Blarney Island Friday night. And no one was lost in the thousands of people in front of our stage at Retro on Roscoe Saturday. Everyone’s accounted for, and it’s time to hydrate for the upcoming weekend. First though…

Friday night couldn’t have been more awesome. The Island was jumpin’ so hard, I was convinced we’d be crashing through the deck and into the water. It’s cool though, ya’ll. The crew and instruments are all accounted for.

Retro on Roscoe proved, once again, that Chicago is seriously the greatest city on the planet. It was nothin’ but love throughout the night. As soon as our intro hit, we couldn’t even hear ourselves on the mics. Thank you, Chi-town, you rock!

I’m pretty sure there are going to be pictures and things posted, so keep your eyes open guys! Facebook is probably where they’ll be first. ;)
But here’s a pretty cool shot I stole from the camera. This is what a Chi-town party looks like:



Retro on Roscoe Saturday! And then…

Immediately following our 8-10 show at Retro on Roscoe’s “Center Stage”, we aim for the gutter. We rarely miss.




More Crazy Comin’ Strrrrraaaight @ Ya!

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means…START PLANNING YOUR WEEKEND.  We’ve got some more crazy comin’ strrrrraaaight at ya! (I just tried saying that out loud, and I swear I’ll never sound as smooth as I probably should.)

Let’s kick this off with what’s gonna happen for us Friday night.  Too White Crew is headin’ up to Antioch to party at the coolest tiki bar, Blarney Island. We start around 8:30 so don’t miss the ferry to get there — unless you’re taking your boat, or your friend’s boat, or your mom’s boat (…you get it) , it’s your only way to meet up with us. But the idea that you’re pretty much stuck with us all night long isn’t the only awesome part of the night. IT’S 80′s PROM NIGHT!!! As shiny as my bling will be, I fully expect each of you polished up with some big hair, ruffles, and lace.
I personally, will buy one of their $4 Fireball shots for the girl who looks most like Madonna in “Like a Virgin.” That’d totally make my night. :)

Okay, okay. Saturday’s next and this is the fest I’ve been looking forward to all summer! We’re making our return in full force to Retro On Roscoe. We’re bringin’ it all with us: live hip hop, fly girls, the brass funkeez, some other friends of ours, and possibly our X-tremely Worthless Posse (who freakin’ knows, they’re worthless! All they do is sit at our poker table and drink our booze, and play it cool. WHAT?!)
This fest is extra awesome. It’s got 3 stages that all feature Chicago’s favorite coverbands all day long.  We hit at 8pm on the center stage located at Roscoe & Hamilton. After our last cymbal hit at 10pm you’re ALL invited to join us for our after party at Piazza Bella on Roscoe. This place is a killer restaurant during the day and transforms into a club at night — they’ve got their DJ starting at 6pm that day and playing until 3.

If you haven’t already, make sure you keep up with the crew on Twitter & Instagram (@toowhitecrew/#toowhitecrew). Also, keep creepin’ us on Facebook. You’ll be able to catch all of our pics taken at each show, and catch a complete list of tour dates to be prepared for when we come to your town; and you can even join the event to let us know you’ll be there.

Since we had such an awesome time on WGN’s morning broadcast today, I think it’s only fair that I share with you our quick brush with greatness:



Piecing Things Together…

This past weekend is a blur. And here’s why:

…I know we played at Rivers Casino on Friday night – thank you to everyone who came and hung out all night. We know you have options every weekend, especially in the summertime, and we always appreciate the welcome we get when we hit up The Cube. Those are some of our favorites too. WE get to watch YOU drink your faces off because our green room is so stocked up with Redbull and water, we couldn’t fit the Boones Farm in the fridge if we wanted to.

Before I get into the details of what I can remember of Saturday night, lemme just tell ya’ll right now: I miss college. I’m still recovering, but wouldn’t change a thing.
Saturday’s after party at Joe’s on Weed St. KICKED ASSES EVERYWHERE!  Salt N Pepa still know how to own the stage. They seriously took over – no surprise that they’re a couple of our favorites to cover, right??
Thank you to Joe’s Bar and everyone who came to join the party…and the dancers for letting us into the green room for pizza scraps and a clean bathroom…and the bartenders for putting up with us, because as much as I don’t remember every conversation, I’m sure we threw some random weirdness out there because it’s just what happens when drinking’s involved. DUH!

But seriously…
Our super sober casino show Friday night threw us all into party-mode for Saturday (not that we aren’t always in party-mode, but this was like…serious business and we needed to take care of it). Wrigleyville already has this crazy effect on people that makes them feel like they need to drink. Clearly, you put Wrigleyville Summerfest and Too White Crew together and you get a handful of “that just happened” moments without regret. Not for nothing, the crowd kept right up with us. Each Fly Girl was bobbing for 40s.

I may not be in college anymore but I’ll take you to school. This was only the beginning of the end…




Okay, this weekend is going to be HUGE!

We’re starting it off FRIDAY NIGHT at River’s Casino in the Cube.  We hit the stage at 8:00, and we’ll be rocking faces right up until 11:00 – which only means we’re done early enough to still hit the tables and the bar.  OH MAN! I can’t wait.

Now, here’s the big one…
SATURDAY, we’re throwin’ down at Wrigleyville Summerfest at 8:00p – right after Catfight.  and immediately after that, the crew is heading to Joe’s on Weed and stealing you fools with us!  We’ve got a stack…you heard me…a STACK of tickets to give away for Salt N Pepa. They’re playing that night in the showroom, while we have our after party.
BUT!!!!!!  We can’t simply hand these tickets to you, you hafta be at the fest and party with us first. ;)

If you can’t make this after party – which you should, or you’re not cool – make sure you catch all the crazy by following us on Facebook, and hittin’ us up on Instagram (@toowhitecrew, #toowhitecrew) and Twitter (@toowhitecrew). Share your stuff with us too! We love hearing from you guys.