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“It’s the freakin’ weekend baby Imabout to have me some fun!”

20160704 4th of july weekend



Be our “Guest Fly Girl” this Saturday at Joe’s!

If you or one of your homegirls has even seen our show and said, “Oh I could totally do that”, then practice those squats…or share this with that extra fly friend, cuz it’s on.

You could be picked to perform two songs with Too White Crew THIS SATURDAY, June 25th at Joe’s on Weed St.!

Here’s the dealio…

1) Contact us at and let us know you’re interested
2) We’ll talk about your creds and let you know by Wednesday if you’re gonna be our Guest Fly Girl
3) We’ll send you YouTube links to the choreography
4) Practice.  Do squats and crunches.  Repeat.
5) Invite your posse to YOUR show this Sat at Joe’s on Weed St.
6) Back that thang up at Joe’s. Collect your free “Got Back?” wife beater.
7) Hang out with us backstage and be a part of the band for the night!

Joe’s on Weed St. is also the only place in Chicago to see Too White Crew’s “XL Show”, featuring 4 Fly Girls, MC’s, DJ’s, bboys and our Extremely Worthless Posse!  We’ve got new tunes and since we’re already in the throws of our summer “all ages” shows, we need a Joe’s show so we can catch up on all our f-bombs!

20160625 Joe's



Don’t come to see us.

Too White Crew is performing at Prohibition Junction’s Summer Concert Series in Oswego this summer. But that’s not why we want you to come to the show. Come to this Saturday, July 23rd show because a portion of the proceeds goes to help two local families that Prohibition Junction has “adopted” in order to help them alleviate some of the financial burden the families are facing. Here are their stories:

“Bowden the Brave”


Seven-month-old Bowden was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), where cells of the immune system, principally T cells and NK cells, don’t work properly to destroy infected or damaged cells as they should. Because of this, the immune system becomes over-stimulated and begins to damage the patient’s own tissues and organs, including the bone marrow, the liver and the brain. So little and so brave, Bowden has already been through so much in his short life but always has a smile on his face. He received chemotherapy and was diagnosed with AML Luekemia on 6/13 while preparing for a stem cell transplant. Bowden is currently fighting for his life in the PICU @ Lurie Children’s Hospital in downtown Chicago. For those asking what can be done to help the Simmons family during this extremely difficult time they ask for prayers and blood donations. Bowden’s parents, Adam and Christine, have asked everyone to consider being on the national bone marrow registry! You can find it here. #bethematch

7/19/16  Here are two links with further updates on Bowden:


“A Home for Nicki and Ty”


Shortly after giving birth to son Ty, Nicki started experiencing pain that no doctor could diagnose. After four and a half years they discovered a tumor on her spine. Surgery was deemed too dangerous and it was decided Nicki would undergo radiation treatments. Although the radiation was successful in eradicating that tumor Nicki started to lose sensation and strength in her legs. In January of 2013, Nicki was learning to live as a paraplegic at the age of 27 with an 8 year-old son. Her disability has forced her to move out of her beloved duplex, and she needs to find an accessible home that can be modified for her wheelchair. It’s so important that Nicki keep Ty in Oswego so that he can continue to attend Traughber Junior High. Nicki credits Traughber for getting Ty through some really tough times when Nicki was struggling to deal with their new normal. In her own words:

“I’m taking the path less followed. I don’t want to be like everyone else. I am doing things today that others aren’t willing to do so that I can build the future of my dreams. I am creating a life by design. I am faced with struggles everyday just like everyone else. I am willing to push past the pain and do what it takes to live a healthy, happy life. We all have things happen to us that are out of our control, but its what we choose to do with these circumstances that separate the ELITE from the ordinary. God did not create me to be ordinary and therefore I will rise to my highest potential. It doesn’t matter how many times the devil tries to knock me down, because he won’t succeed. He can keep wasting his time on me. I’m not easily intimidated.”

Feel free to help spread the word (here’s the Facebook event for that night) and their inspiring stories and we look forward to seeing you on July 23rd!



Mr. Belding & Too White Crew, together at last!

This is happening. We get to party with Mr. Belding and so can you on Saturday, June 11th! Special half price Reserved Seats are available by clicking on this link, then entering “TWC” as the Special Offer Code. Choose “Reserved Seats” and you’ll see the option to purchase tickets for only $6.50. We’re on from 4:45-6:00 and Mr. Belding will be available for pictures and autographs during the game. This is a very special family-oriented TWC show, so don’t expect us to be tilting forties and don’t plan on bum rushing the stage for a booty shake contest! Save that for our show in Rockford later that night!

90s night graphic cougars



Winter is officially over, bizzatches!!!!!

Mayfest in Chicago is the official kickoff to summer and if our drunkass calculations are correct, this is our 10 year anniversary of playing Mayfest! We’ve got some great acts warming up the stage too: Libido Funk Circus @ 2:00, Wedding Banned @ 4:00, The Boy Band Night @ 6:00…followed by Too White Crew @ 8:00. But that’s not all! We’re all heading to The Pony Inn (1638 West Belmont – stumbling distance from the fest) for the after party. Add your bad self to the FB event right hurr.

2015 Mayfest

But first we’ve gotta get past our Friday night show at BaseCamp in Lisle Friday, and that’s no easy task. The place popped like tires hitting road spikes last time we played there. Check out the event and past pics!



Ready or not, here we come…

20160429 Rivers and HOME Bar



The Amazing New Olive Garden Diet!

Yeaaaah, there sure as sh*t ain’t no Olive Garden diet, but we ARE playing at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville this Saturday night, and that should feel about as good as horkin’ down a pile of breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce.

Olive Garden3



Upcoming shizzle!

Our shows have been goin’ off like Thelma & Louise. Here’s where to creep our Next Episodes…




We gon’ have an Eazy E-ster fo sho!

We’re taking the holiday weekend off but then we’re back with all new flava for Champaign & Rockford! Click on the below Facebook events and add your bad self if you’re going. Don’t forget to invite your homies!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.15.47 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.18.23 AM



Just give up on the week already!

If there was ever a week to give up on, it’s this week. It’s Thursday and it’s St. Paddy’s Day so Friday is canceled. 115 Bourbon Street is making this really easy too.  They’re open from morning till, well, morning. It starts with WGN Morning News coverage at the cracka$$ of dawn, showcasing the hardest of the hard core south-side booze hounds from 6-10am. Then, the NCAA tourney will be on all day, helping to make your Jay Oh Bee a distant memory. Before you know it, you’ll be on your third square meal of the day off Bourbon’s menu. Then the wheels come off. So call in sick now.

The Larkin and Moran Brothers are in the front room at 7pm followed by Too White Crew at 10pm in the back room. And we’re bringing four Fly Girls, DJ Kris Wilkins, new tunes bottles of Wild Irish Rose AND TWC’s Extremely Worthless Posse.

But that’s not all. Bourbon is piling on DJ’s in The Fireball Saloon from 10pm till close – in search of the last man standing. It’s gonna be rich.

So the week is officially over. Thank the Irish…and your awesome, incorrigible, bad-decision prone self. Cheers!

Never don't give up

Add yourself to our FB event right huuurr and invite others to share in your bad decisions!