Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

The Crew says, “BRING THE ‘PAIGN!”

It’s almost the end of the week and… do I really need to go on?

Too White Crew‘s got some CRAZY plans for the next couple nights, and we wanna know that everyone’s ready for what’s about to happen.

Friday night, YES that’s tomorrow, we’re returning to The Cube at Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. The party starts at 9PM and goes til the DJ kicks us off. But seriously, I have a personal love for playing casinos: because the rules are that we cannot drink, we get to watch everyone else make clowns of themselves. It’s cool, though. I won’t tell. ;)

Saturday night, we’ll be droppin’ it in Champaign at Fat City. They’re bringin’ us in to close out U of  I’s Homecoming Weekend the right way. We’re planning an outdoor, 9PM start if the weather doesn’t totally suck – in which case,  the party will be moved inside. They’ve got Colt 45 forties at the bar for everyone who wants to share in the joy of deliciousness.

With all that Colt goin’ around this weekend, I have a little veteran advice for you guys: put your usual down and make some room. That stuff is filling!



No way!

O.M.Gee!!! I totally slept through Monday!

Crusens, you’ve done it to me again. Peoria never fails at reminding us why we need to pace ourselves. ;) It probably didn’t help much that we played at H.O.M.E. the night before – that’s always a pretty crazy place too. Yup! That’s a double Colt 45 hangover, but worth it every time.

We’re gonna be posting updates of all the awesome we have coming up in the next few weeks, including where to find us on Halloween for a pretty bomb-ass costume contest (the winner’s getting a trip to Mexico), and where else you can catch the party all the way up to the New Year. WHAT?! It’s almost the end of the year?! Sheeeit. For all these dates, and even more event info, check out our tour dates tab on Facebook, or just click here.

While I celebrate my recovery from the weekend, feel free to creep the pics from H.O.M.E. last Friday night starting with this one. I’m having slightly a difficult time explaining to myself how I didn’t see this one comin’.



Top 10 things you never hear at Crusens

10. “I’ll have a Merlot.”
9. “Is there valet?”
8. “Did they remodel the bathrooms?”
7.  ”I was at Berlin earlier tonight.”
6. “Please don’t make it too strong.”
5. “Big D? Never heard of him.”
4. “I’m sorry but that violates our dress code.”
3. “I don’t do shots.”
2. “I don’t make out with strangers.”

aaand the #1 thing you’ll NEVER hear at Crusens

1. “Mmmm, this place smells like a garden.”


Saturday night: Power 92.3, DJ McFly, Big D, $100 Booty Shake prize, Bradley’s homecoming, Bradley Baseball alumni weekend AND our very own P-tugz’ birthday.

After party at Berlin.

This one’s gonna leave a mark.



What you SHOULD be doing.

Wednesday means we’ve made it halfway through another week. It also means the weekend is creepin’ up. Too White Crew‘s got two bomb-ass shows lined up THIS WEEKEND so we can all party together.
Friday, we’re comin’ H.O.M.E. and the whole crew be raging out in Arlington Heights from 10PM ’til they tell us to stop. Then we gotta book before we all get put away.
We’re planning our recovery for Saturday in Peoria. Yes, you heard me correctly. We are finally back at Crusens II on Farmington Rd! I know, I know, we can’t believe it either. It’s been far too long since we’ve had one of those classic shitshows that we’re all so used to. 10:30. Be there.

…So no you know our plan; and below, I’ve provided ya’ll with a todo list of what you SHOULD be doing before the end of the day:

1) Get all your pre-gaming essentials on ice – vodka, mixers, fireball, beer… you get it.
2) Send that mass text out to all your girls, or guys, and let them know where you’re gonna be and that they need to be there too.
3) Get an extra change of clothes, because you never know what the hell your night will turn into. You think I’m kidding…
4) Get a pen and paper.
5) Before you leave the office, write a note for your boss – just giving a heads up – that you’re planning to hit it hard this weekend, and you may not make it back Monday. There is always a chance that you end up needing that extra rehab day.
6) Start hydrating.
7) Share with us your crazy experience on all social networks, because that’s just how you roll. #toowhitecrew #sorryiparty

Aaaaaaaaand go!



Got a case of the Mondays?

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, just reference the common cliché: it could always be worse.

After taking all of yesterday to recover from the Cubby Bear, seeing this picture just made my Monday that much easier to handle. I mean, it’s not like sleeping through my alarm, spilling my coffee, getting my brush stuck in my hair, overcooking my eggs, and then my computer taking an hour to connect to the wireless was going to ruin my day. Right? And that was all before noon.



This can’t be true.

“Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!” – I hope to hear this before every selfie taken this weekend.
By the way, if you didn’t just recite that line in the style of Ron Burgandy then you’re missing out on a good time. Seriously, though, do any of us ever pass up a little extra rehearsal time in front of the mirror? Ya know, to get the perfect go-face ready for cameras to come out on the weekend? It’s almost a surprise when you see someone’s phone come out or a flash go off, but as long as you got your practice time in you’re golden. I know guys pride themselves on pretending they don’t get it, so I’ll also play pretend: this is mostly for the ladies, ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. ;)

On that note, ya’ll have ONE CHANCE to put those faces to good us and see us this weekend. Too White Crew will be  bringing our last party in the CHI of 2014 to Cubby Bear Wrigleyville THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ 10.  Don’t be late!! Fly girls, Bboys, MCs, the entire crew will be in your faces from start to finish.
Keep an eye on our Facebook, we’ve been giving out tickets to some lucky followers all week.

Now about those selfies… even the crew gets in on the fun sometimes. Creep on our instagram and/or twitter for ‘em (@toowhitecrew) or share yours from the show (#toowhitecrew). Saturday’s totally gonna be crazy. Get ready for it.

But seriously, this CAN’T be 100% true:



Look who came to party with the crew.

After one hell of a night at Zantes on Friday, the crew took the party over to Harrah’s Casino for their annual Oktoberfest and to catch the last big of the Hairbangers Ball show in Stage 151. The beer was flowing, the shots were pouring, and the band before us, Chicago 6, brought us some new friends to hang with for a bit.

Say “what up” to the ’85 Chicago Bears! I’m pretty sure it’s safe to speak for everyone when I say that Too White Crew was totally stoked to have the opportunity to share in the festivities with Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael.



Needed some new bandanas for this weekend’s shows, sooo…


Now, that, I got me some Seagram’s Gin, everybody get they cups and let the party begin…

This Friday at Zante Lounge in Orland Hills @ 10:00.
This Saturday at Harrah’s Oktoberfest in Joliet @ 7:30!



Drunk Texting: Don’t do it…or do it anyway.

Hope you’ve got your plans for the weekend set. It’s almost here, and you know what that means… TIME TO TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF SO YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID! I know that everyone would like to pretend they haven’t done this before, but come on; we all have. Just brace yourself for what’s about to come:

Friday night, we’re partying at Zantes in Orland. It’s been a minute since we’ve thrown down inside at this place, but we haven’t forgotten how freakin’ awesome everyone is there.  The food’s awesome, the crowd’s awesome, and the booze is pretty great too. Seriously, creep the pics from last time and you can literally see just how progressively awesome we ALL get.

Saturday, we’re hitting a new fest for us down in J-town. Harrah’s Oktoberfest is a party in the parking lot across from the Casino. Ya’ll mention some brats and dark beers, and consider me sold!

I’m gonna get back to what I was originally saying, though. PLEASE, if this is something you could see yourself doing, I just hope that our plentiful supply of Boones Farm is the reason.



13 hrs later…

AY AY AYYY!  Breakfast at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon?! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been totally slap-happy all day, too; well, until I took a nap, then woke up, then went and burned myself on the bacon grease while flipping it – but seriously, who hasn’t done that before? Let’s be real. It’s nothing a little freezing bottle of vodka resting on it couldn’t fix. Don’t worry, mom & dad, I didn’t drink it all…yet.

Ahhh, the aftermath of the crazy driving we did this weekend – welcome to the rockstar life, right? I rocked out for the entire 5 hrs to Detroit for a kickass, private party (by the way, if you haven’t been to Post Bar in Dearborn, MI, you need to). And again, on the way back to the city the next morning. And let me just tell ya’ll, if anyone denies their sing-a-long habits on long car trips, slap them. They’re lying! I watched at least 5 cars out of 7 rock out as hard as I was, so there.

After stopping in Chicago for a couple hours, I did the next 1.5hrs down to Morris, IL for the Grundy County Corn Fest. As I was informed on my Facebook status the other day, they don’t actually celebrate corn. It was totally another excuse to party like it’s 1999 and dance in the street. But really, who doesn’t love a good street fest? I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of them…it’s like having a favorite food group, but it’s really a favorite way to get your booze on. Ya follow?

September’s coming to a close, but October’s got all kinds of crazy comin’ atcha! Check our Facebook and creep our tour dates tab to keep up with when we’ll party near you.

Meanwhile, I will slap-happily continue to recover from the weekend.