Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band


Now’s your chance!  If you or someone you know is fly enough, Too White Crew is holding open auditions to be a TWC Fly Girl.

Auditions are going to be THIS SUN., August 23rd at Edgewater Fitness (1106 W. Bryn Mawr — between Sheridan & Broadway, off the Red Line) in Chicago at 4:00PM.  At the audition, be prepared to both freestyle and learn some choreography.  What to wear?  In the words of Missy Elliott, “If you a fly gal get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did.” Look like you wanna make the boys sweat. It might be helpful for you to view Fly Girl images and YouTube videos of Too White Crew so you can get a feel for the flava.

Being a TWC Fly Girl is mad fun and it pays. Our Fly Girls have gone with TWC to places like the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Las Vegas. We’ve performed at national events for Google, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch and we have shared the stage with countless new school and old school hip hop legends – from Naughty by Nature to Nelly…Vanilla Ice to Jason Derulo. We’ve created life memories together that are priceless and we’ve got a lot more ahead of us!

To be a TWC Fly Girl it would be very helpful to be a trained dancer. Fly Girls are not just recreational dancers (view their profiles!) and they pack some big street cred. It’s a more than just knowing how to shake what cho’ momma gave ya.

A few other things:

1) Being a Fly Girl isn’t just about the dancing. It’s about helping throw a party. Please pass this around to anyone who is serious about dancing and who can make the crowd go “daaaaayomn”!

2) Don’t get it twisted. We’re the “Too White Crew” not the “All White Crew”. All ethnicities are welcome!

3) You have to be at least 18 years old and should know things like… Flavor Flav’s career began way before the Flavor of Love.

4) The schedule is flexible and not demanding.

5) If you’re interested, please email and we’ll send you everything you need to know!

Peace & humptiness,

C-note & the Too White Crew



All Chicago, All Weekend!

North side! We’re comin straiiiight atcha all weekend!

Friday night is kind of a big deal. Retro on Roscoe has extended the party to three days this year for the first time ever, and they have given the nod to Too White Crew to bring da noise Friday. Our homies the Breakfast Club light the match at 6:00 and we carry the Retro torch at 8:00. After party around the corner at the Village Tap!

Then we move southeast a lil bit Saturday for Wrigleyville SummerFest — a most interesting fest, not the least of which is because it’s hosted by the Resurrection Lutheran Church…who keeps having a hip hop tribute band wreck shop outside their crib every year. Holy Regulators! The ever-fly felines of Catfight will be clawing up the stage at 6:00. We hit at 8:00. After party TBA.

Bring the kiddos Saturday and enjoy watching us sweat through all our censoring while God’s eyes hover over our stage from the church ten feet away!



NEW! New is good. 

We’ve got two new fests this weekend! This means plenty of WTF faces and grown ups dusting off dance moves that they thought were closeted forever (“fo’evuh, fo’evuh evuh?”). Friday’s show is at the Forest Park Music Fest and will be “all ages appropriate” so it’s shorty friendly. It’s right on Roosevelt Rd. and we’re on the east stage from 8-10PM. We’ll be heading to Doc Ryan’s to throw down after the show.


Saturday night is gonna snap like Rice Krispies. Plainfield always shows us mad love and now we’re playing their annual summer bash. Our homies the Modern Day Romeos are opening for us and we’re all wrecking shop in the beer garden. Which means it’s not all ages. Which means we get to throw DOWWWWWWWN. After party at MoeJoe’s!



Quad Cities Friday, Lakeview Saturday. 

So it begins with the fact that it’s the birthday weekend of two of our Fly Girls, Juicebox and KitKat. That right thurr ups the ante. Then throw in the Quad Cities, home of DGAF. Shit gets real in the QC. Real fast.

Then we finally get to see if summer arrives in Chicago! This one’s after the Crosstown Classic (Sox at Wrigley). We’re on the south stage at 8:00 – Lincoln & Belmont. Our homies the Breakfast Club are on at 6.








Red, White & Crew Weekend!

Thought we’d kick off off the weekend with a nice thick slice of ‘Merica at Rivers Casino. You see it all at casinos and Rivers is no disappointment. Trust us. There’s hella people watching here.  Oh AND we’re debuting Sam Onnit on bass!!!

Then Friday, we head out to the 630 for our 9-11PM G-rated festival show at Lisle’s Eyes to the Skies Festival. That’s G rated, not rated for G’s. And in order to give us some time to slug down our forties backstage, we asked the fest to have a fireworks display at 9:45.  :) Our homies The Personnel will be opening for us, then they’ll be at Base Camp (formerly The Lodge) down the street after the fest is over.



Free is good.

So is a 90 cent beer, which is what Joe’s Bar is serving up this Thursday. I would like to recommended taking advantage of their temporary insanity. Now I’m no mathematician so someone please help me out here. It’s like this: They’re having 90′s Thursdays with 90 cent drafts all summer. Great deal. OK, I get it. And they’re also having 90′s hip hop trivia with prizes. OK, I get that too. But then they’re also lobbing in Too White Crew, and we ain’t exactly cheap. Hmmm, so how much is THIS cover charge gonna need to be? Well, apparently nuthin if you get there before 9:00. Aaaand apparently nuthin if you RSVP to Even if you completely screw that up, you’ll only hafta pay $5. Otherwise, you can catch our show AND a solid buzz for less than a sleeve of shitty golf balls.

If you’re on an Adidas shoestring budget, this is your night. If you wanna ball, you can buy the whole damn bar a round and still not be at the cost of a bottle at a club. Do it playa.

Then we go to the Navy Pier Beer Garden Friday. Which is also free. And all ages. And all everything. Because Navy Pier loves erryone…and erryone loves Navy Pier. You’ll see the greatest cross-section of humanity that you’ll prolly ever see — at least at a TWC show. And they’re all throwing down to old school together. It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh and did I mention that it’s free?



Peoria & Rockford back-to-back? OUUUUUUCH!

6/13 WEATHER UPDATE: In the event of rain, there is a full set up waiting for us inside at the BMO Center down the street so it’s on rain or shine!


Wow, was this a booking blunder. Peoria hangovers usually go 36-48 hours and the average Rockford hangover is 24-36 hours. Having these shows scheduled on consecutive nights is like mixing booze with Vicodin. This won’t end well. But let’s find the positive:

This is what the Peoria riverfront looked like last June…

We hope that the good people of the 309 will help us shatter the attendance record Friday night. Again. To assist in this effort, KISS-FM will be reppin the night, Big D is coming to town to MC the show, DJMcFly will light the match and the Dopestylez bboy crew will put on the halftime show. Then we head to Crusens on the ‘Farm immediately afterwards because, grape bombs. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.

Then Saturday night…

Rockford. And here’s what THIS mess looked like last year…

FIVE BARS teamed up last year to bring Rockford the FIRST EVER Rockford street party where drinks are allowed on the street ’til 2am! Thousands showed up. And they’re about to make the same mistake twice. Their loss, your gain. Don’t miss it – especially ’cause you might end up being the only one in Rockford who does. And that would kinda suck, wouldn’t it? Our homies The Personnel open the night at 7:00, Sidewalk Chalk is on at 8:30 and we hit at 10. The outside stage is on State and Main in downtown Rockford, between District and Kryptonite. Doors at 6; minors can’t go in the restaurants/bars after 10PM. But that’s not all! The Personnel have a late night set at District and Sidewalk Chalk’s late set is at Kryptonite. And we’ll be bouncing between the two. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.



This Fri @ Harrah’s Joliet…Sat @ 115 Bourbon St. 

115 Bourbon St. is where people make really bad decisions. And we applaud that. 



U.F.O.’s Farewell Tour! One Weekend Only!

It’s been over a year since we’ve taken a roll in tha ‘Coal but we’re ready to regulate Coal City Friday night. We hit at 10:00
at Gippers II.  Then Saturday night, we bounce out to Michigan City, IN to Blue Chip Casino for a very bittersweet show…

U.F.O.‘s final performance. We are losing this extra fly thang to the west coast next week so please come send off this most
amazing human being. :)



A “wuuuuurd” about Champaign’s new “City Center”…

It’s time to give credit where credit is due. Fat City in Champaign did something pretty awesome and it seems that a lot of people in the ‘Paign don’t even know yet. They built an amazing live music venue. The City Center opened in April and overnight it’s the new spot for local, regional and national acts coming the C-U and the 217. Don’t have the official numbers yet but it looks like it holds at least 1000 people, more with the VIP mezzanine. They even have an elevator – presumably for both ADA requirements and as a lawsuit limiter (think booze-soaked human tumbleweed rolling down stairs).

Couldn’t have come at a better time either. Too White Crew went from playing on raised 4×8 sheets of plywood with our heads scraping the ceiling inside Fat City to this:

This is a game-changer for TWC in the 217 since so much of our show is visual and requires a good stage. We aren’t alone though either. For years, the Chicago band scene has been wondering when there’s gonna be a go-to place in the House of ‘Paign. So big ups to the fine folks at Fat City for making it happen and for what’s about to happen to your live music scene.

Added bonus: Y’all get a much better view of our Booty Shake Contests! (For better or for worse…)  See you July 31st! :)