Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

So much awesome here.

This is how one Peoria mom spent Easter Sunday after her first TWC show. For those who don’t know / use Instagram, you’re looking at a screen shot from her son’s Instagram account. His comment is first, followed by his friend…whose mom also happened to be at our show.

Note the garbage can by her head. #regulated. :)


20,000 Facebook likes! Thank you!!!!


Party People!! Find Us this week at…

We’re starting our weekend by expanding our horizons and stomping down on some new turf. Then we’ll catch ya in some more familiar territory…


815!! Come check us at The Historic Dixon Theatre in Dixon, IL Friday night, 4/18.

Get your tickets in advance right hurr—Dixon ain’t nevuh seen a massive throwback party like this!

Doors are at 6:30 and 30 West rocks the stage before we drop our lyrical bombs. Just because this is a “theatre” doesn’t mean we don’t fully expect you to be bum-rushin’ the aisles!


309!!  Get your drink on, get your shots on, then get your freak on with us at Crusens Farmington in Peoria, IL this Saturday night, 4/19.

We expect ya’ll in full force at 10pm and ready to kickstart the most important holla-day of the year-—and it’s not Easter. 4/20 YO!

Also, we will finally answer the nagging question…

Woo!  Word on the street is, she’s been hydrating for weeks just to take on this challenge.

If you missed our Joe’s show Saturday, then you missed this…



Now’s your chance!  If you or someone you know is fly enough, Too White Crew is holding open auditions to be a TWC Fly Girl.

Auditions are going to be THIS WED., April 9th at Edgewater Fitness Edgewater Fitness (1106 W. Bryn Mawr — between Sheridan & Broadway, off the Red Line) in Chicago at 8:45PM.  At the audition, be prepared to both freestyle and learn some choreography.  What to wear?  In the words of Missy Elliott, “If you a fly gal get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did.” Look like you wanna make the boys sweat. It might be helpful for you to view Fly Girl images and YouTube videos of Too White Crew so you can get a feel for the flava.

Being a TWC Fly Girl is mad fun and it pays. Our Fly Girls have gone with TWC to places like the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Las Vegas and we have shared the stage with countless hip hop legends.   It would be very helpful to be a trained dancer. Too White Crew’s Fly Girls are not just recreational dancers (view their profiles!) and pack some big street cred. It’s a more than just knowing how to shake what cho’ momma gave ya!

A few other things:

1) Being a Fly Girl isn’t just about the dancing. It’s about helping throw a party. Please pass this around to anyone who is serious about dancing and who can make the crowd go “daaaaayomn”!

2) Don’t get it twisted. We’re the “Too White Crew” not the “All White Crew”. All ethnicities are welcome!

3) You have to be at least 18 years old and should know things like… Flavor Flav’s career began way before the Flavor of Love.

4) If you’re interested, please email and we’ll send you everything you need to know.

Peace & humptiness,

C-note & the Too White Crew

This Week in TWC!

Friday night at Giovanni’s in Rockford
Saturday night at Austin’s in Libertyville

We’ve also got new tunes, including this one…

TWC announces the next “Guest Fly Girl” night!

If you’ve always wanted to be a Fly Girl, and you’ve got the skills to back that thang up, Too White Crew’s new “Guest Fly Girl” nights are for you!  It goes like this:

1) Contact us at “411 at toowhitecrew dot com” (figure it out; trying to avoid bots) and let us know you’re interested
2) We’ll talk about your creds and which (one or two) songs you’d like to do
3) We’ll send you YouTube links to the choreography
4) Practice.  Do squats and crunches.  Repeat.
5) Get your free “Got Back?” wife beater
6) Bum rush our stage with all your friends in the crowd and live the dream.

Our next Guest Fly Girl night will be at Joe’s on Weed St. Sat., 4/5!

Be our Guest Fly Girl!

This week in TWC!

This Friday — Nevin’s in Plainfield @ 10:0oPM
This Saturday — Zante of Orland @ 9:00PM (St. Patty’s Day Tent Bash!)

This week in TWC…

Take a break from the winter’s full nelson and we’ll help you find your happy place:

This Fri., 3/7 at 115 Bourbon St. in Merrionette Park — 10:30PM

This Sat. 3/8 at Fit’z Spare Keys in Elmhurst — 10:00PM
Get thurr early! It’s gonna sell out an’ sheeeit.