Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

OK, the CrewNation has spoken — the vote is on!

So if you’ve been following the madness, TWC has been nominated for “Best Cover Band in Chicago” and after we got the news that KISS-FM extended the deadline (to keep driving up their site traffic, booooo!), we called off the dogs and said don’t vote (see below blog).  Now with less than 24 hours to go (it ends Friday), we see that our fans have kept us in the game — no small task considering the thousands and thousands of votes that have been logged.

We don’t want to see all of this support be in vain, so it’s back on.  Let’s do this damn thang for whatever it’s worth.  Vote as much as you can cuz a few votes only amounts to about .000001% at the pace this thing’s been going!  (You’re welcome KISS!)   Anyway, it’s fast and painless but the results may not be instant.  Two clicks, refresh…and repeat until your router blows up.  If this thing doesn’t end like it’s NOW supposed to (at 12:01am?) Friday, we’re gonna have our own “Worst of the Chi” radio station contest!

Here’s the link:  BEST OF THE CHI CONTEST

Thanks CrewNation so much for all your support — even when we said we didn’t want it!



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