Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Thanks to all who packed Joe’s on Weed!

Maaaaan, what a night! For those of you there, you saw it all — TWC’s XL Show in full effect: Big props to Colt 45 & Blast for bringing the airbrush team back… Chuan D. Vo and the Red Eye for taking these amazing pics, the grip of break dancers who lit up our stage, Horny J. for dropping a trumpet solo on Creep, DJ Kasper for lighting the match, our completely worthless posse who took out a fifth of Hennessey and did absolutely nothing of any value all night…Joe’s for hosting this shit show, the fire marshall for turning the other way…and Chi-town for bringin’ it. Hope to see you all at Mayfest on 5/21!



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