Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

This weekend! — Fitz’s Spare Keys Fri. and Crusens in P-town Sat!

Now that the holla holla holladay is outta your hurrr, it’s time to focus on when you can do really stupid things without having to come home and face your family with your bad decisions. That time would be now and here are the spots where you can act a fool:

Fitz’s Spare Keys in Elmhurst this FRIDAY! Fitz’s is a great live music venue, but most importantly for your weekend of moral shortcomings, they have plenty of crevices in the joint where you can escape to work game on your future ex. They also have a few bowling lanes for all those times when you’re at our shows and say, “Dammit, I could sure use a seven-ten split right about now.”

Crusens on Farmington Rd. in Peoria this Saturday! Crusens has this unique way of taking years off our lives, one show at a time. Everyone in this town is quick to offer you directions to life’s wrong path. Enter “Crusens” or “P-town” in the search window on our homepage and you’ll see all the past blogs about this godforsaken, glorious place, full of people who stare true potential in the face…and give it a Jager bomb. We’re gonna be introducing this whole new world of hurt to our newest Fly Girl — Vitamin V, who has NEVER experienced a TWC show in P-town so she’ll be needing the license plate of the semi that’s about to run her over. We hope you’ll all show her the love…and help her to remember none of it.

Both venues encourage and embrace regretful behavior so we’re all proud to be your enablers this weekend!

This just in…We’re flying in Big D. from Virginia to MC our show at Crusens Saturday night.  Oh yeah, and we’re celebrating C-note’s bday…AND Big D’s FORTIETH bday!  Could we pile any more onto this mess?  How bout 70 degrees and the outdoor patio?  Or delicious Colt 45 in the house…And Govia / KISS-FM all up in it?  And DJ McFly!?  To top off this list of “why you will be a worthless POS Sunday”, after party at Prime (formerly Carbon), where legend has it roofies come premixed in the drinks. BOOM.



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