Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

TWC at 115 Bourbon St. tonight for Cinco de Mayo!

What a kick ass, bona fide excuse to get all liquored up on a school night. You have to be as Mexican to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as you have to be Irish to celebrate St. Pattie’s Day so don’t let your nationality get in the way of your entitled recklessness.

We’ll be in the front room at Bourbon St. (they’ll be startin’ up the back room again soon) and it’s also “Ballin’ on a Budget Thursday” which means there are mad drink specials…and tricks get in free. Fellas, you pay cinco dolares but that’s money well spent for a glimpse at the fine talent of the 708. They’ve got $1.50 domestic bottles and $2.50 Long Islands to help the ladies forget they’re wearing 4″ heels…at Bourbon St.

We’re on by 10:00PM!



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