Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Loose slots at our show tonight!

That’s right Beavis, come to Harrah’s Casino in Joliet this Saturday for some TWC and some loose slots! This place went off like a prom dress last time and there’s NO COVER! It’s a trippy scene fo sho: You might see a stunna in front of you, a blue hair to your left, a real G to your right and an old dude jockin’ the cowboy hat / handlebar mustache combo behind you, all throwin’ down like they just won the trifecta. It’s a cross-section of humanity all brought together by old school hip hop…and loose slots. Hehehehehe Huhuhuhuh.

After you lose your shirt at the casino, rally to the front of our stage and we’ll throw you a new one. We start at 9:00. Furreal. Not even 9:01. They gots rules an’ sheeeit here.



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