Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

A little flow to help ring in Mayfest…

Yes Chi-town it’s time rise up!
Trade in that mug for a plastic cup.
Mayfest is here, the start of the season,
Of Monday hangovers, street fests the reason.
It all starts Saturday, at Ashland & Barry,
Where the rumps get shaken and the pies be cherry.
Kickstart your heart at this Rap n Roll brawl,
With Too White Crew & Hairbangers Ball.
Their guitars that scream and the mics we wrecks,
It’s a party hosted by Threehorns and Longnecks.
We on at 5 and they bang till 10.
Five hours of mayhem separates boys from the men.
We hopin’ for sun at this annual treasure.
But if rain comes down, we tented for her pleasure.
So no mo’ mittens, shovels or boots to untie,
It’s time for the reason we live in the Chi.
Want more than O.P.P. and a Rebel Yell?
Then get there at 2 for The Personnel



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