Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Drinkin’ on Lincoln Saturday night!

Party people of the Chi: This is pretty much the fest/party that IS Chicago. It’s why you tolerate the shitass weather over half of each year…it’s why you work at strengthening your liquor tolerance to superhuman levels…it’s why you work out…and it’s why you hone your game. Playas, your mother ship is calling you home. While the 28TH ANNUAL Taste of Lincoln Ave Fest has something for each of the 90,000 attendees, it also has the distinction of being the one fest that Chicago’s bar goers don’t miss. That, combined with the 90 degree high means you’ll see plenty of skin…and some of it will even command applause.

To amp this up even more, TWC is pulling out all the stops…and so is the stage sponsor (also the official after party spot) Uncle Fatty’s. TWC will fill the stage with the band, all four Fly Girls, the Brass Funkies horn section, break dancers, posse, MC’s… over 20 performers in all. Uncle Fatty’s is gonna have FOUR DIFFERENT SANGRIAS, in sizes up to a “Hello Faceplant” 32-oz trough, to go along with the biggest beer truck at the fest.

We’re at the north stage so enter at the (Wrightwood/Sheffield/Lincoln) intersection. DJ’s on stage all day. TWC hits from 8:30-10:00.



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