Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Top 10 reasons to go to our Peoria Riverfront show this Friday…

















10. It’s the only TWC show in the 309 this summer.  Not a big deal, but extended TWC absences have been particularly problematic for booty shakers who need to pop they booties regularly to stay fresh.

9.  Break dancers?  Check.  Peoria’s own Dopestylez crew will be bum rushing the stage during our show, with moves that beg for hospitalization.

8.  We’re bringing TWC’s Extremely Worthless Posse for the first time ever.  This professional collection of drunks who sit on stage and do nothing but drink Hennessey and play dominoes think they invented binge drinking.  They haven’t been to Peoria.

7.  The Brass Funkeez horn section will be in full effect.  Adding them to the band…the Fly Girls…the Extremely Worthless Posse and the Dopestylez Crew, that means that there will be more than 25 people on stage at one point during our show. Someone’s bound to catch a flying limb to the face and you have a chance to see it live.

6. DJ McFly is opening the night at the riverfront, spinning during our break, then spinning at Shifters late night — which will be the second stop on our After Party Destruction Tour.

5. Which brings us to our first after party spot — Crusens on the Farm.   Our homies The Breakfast Club will be performing and they’re way more fun than the pulled tricep you got from doing the worm at our show.  Bonus:  their waitstaff rules and will make you feel like you gon’ get sumadat.  You won’t, but that ain’t no thang.

4.  New jams.  The riverfront is about to get a dose of late 90’s hip hop along with the classics from the 80’s through the mid-90’s that we’ve been reppin’ since the beginning of time.

3.  KISS-FM will be all up in it.  That usually means they’ll give away a bunch of  stuff that you’ll either lose, forget or break.  It’ll seem completely awesome when you catch it in the crowd though, so that’s a plus.

2. No ID?  No problem.  It’s all ages.  Parents, bring your shorties.  Better to break ’em in with Baby Got Back than Beez in the Trap.  And all you future G’s and Fly Girls, come experience the old school flava that put the hip in hip hop.

1. This is how we do it, it’s Friday niiiight. And it feels so riiiight.  The party’s here on the west side!

Here are pics of last year’s show where we shattered the attendance record.

309, let’s do this dayom thang!



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