Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

TWC at 10 years — more “Behind the Music”

Reposted from our very talented production manager Johnny G’s Facebook page…

“I had the privilege of spending the last 5 years with the band known as Too White Crew. During this time I began experimenting with video, audio, and producing. Through this, plus the close family-like relationship I had with the group, I was able to immortalize visual experiences that no other photographer or videographer would be able to capture. This was one of those wonderful moments when I was able to sort through the thoughts of a talented group of individuals. Filmed in Winter 2011/12, in a bowling alley under the venue, just moments before a show, edited and saved for a year. Happy 10 Year Anniversary to all past, present, (and future) members of this creative, ever-evolving group.”

(click the below image to view the Facebook video)



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