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6th Annual Booty Shake World Championships Are Coming!

Oh boyee, we’re just jiggly with excitement.  First of all, and most importantly, let’s talk booty.

Why Peoria? Well, the first two Championships were held in Chicago, but we noticed a disturbing trend — disturbing if you have Chi pride that is: Just about every Booty Shake winner from any show in Peoria would have mopped the stage with most of the finalists elsewhwere. Believe us when we say it is bittersweet to report that finding, being from Chicago and all. But we gotta give credit where credit it due, and it’s due. Word to Peoria…and to whatever you’re doing down there to breed world class trunks.

So we moved it to P-town four years ago and the finals have been just dandy — truly worthy of a “World Championship”. We’d put these finalists’ backsides up against any booty shakin’ vids you can find on YouTube. Peoria’s own “Big D”, formerly of KISS-FM will again be driving from Michigan to officiate this mess. This is must see TWC. Get there early cuz it’s gonna get butts to nuts fast.

As always, Crusens has mad drink specials and the party continues on downtown when we’ve made a big enough mess of Crusens.



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