Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Party People!! Find Us this week at…

We’re starting our weekend by expanding our horizons and stomping down on some new turf. Then we’ll catch ya in some more familiar territory…


815!! Come check us at The Historic Dixon Theatre in Dixon, IL Friday night, 4/18.

Get your tickets in advance right hurr—Dixon ain’t nevuh seen a massive throwback party like this!

Doors are at 6:30 and 30 West rocks the stage before we drop our lyrical bombs. Just because this is a “theatre” doesn’t mean we don’t fully expect you to be bum-rushin’ the aisles!


309!!  Get your drink on, get your shots on, then get your freak on with us at Crusens Farmington in Peoria, IL this Saturday night, 4/19.

We expect ya’ll in full force at 10pm and ready to kickstart the most important holla-day of the year-—and it’s not Easter. 4/20 YO!

Also, we will finally answer the nagging question…

Woo!  Word on the street is, she’s been hydrating for weeks just to take on this challenge.



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