Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Summer Kick-off THIS FRIDAY!

Some of ya’ll might know this, and some of ya’ll don’t, but listen… the summer of 2014 officially begins THIS FRIDAY at Mayfest in Chicago. The entire crew is hitting the stage at 8:00PM at Ashland & Barry. By “entire crew” we mean ALL the playas including our Brass Funkeez, Extremely Worthless Posse, the Electric Funkateers poppin’ crew, SamOnTheSound, PatrickOnTheBatteries, and our 4 veteran Fly Girls! Tasty-K and D-train are both leaving us after our one and ONLY extra-large stage show for the season, so this will be the last time in history you’re ever going to have a chance to see this line-up! No one will want to miss any of what’s coming at ya this weekend, so be there.

On that note, we realize that with the approach of summer, we will be seeing a lot of you bustin’ out your fanny packs (yes, you read that correctly). IT’S COOL; we like that. Look at it this way: If you google “Chuck Norris’ fanny pack” you’ll see that he proudly wears his as a place to keep the souls of his roundhouse victims. We prefer to stash mini bottles of Boones Farm and MD 20/20 in ours, but to each their own.



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