Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

“Know Your Old School” Quiz

Alright party people, let’s test your old school hip hop knowledge. Email (don’t post) your answers to First person to score 100 gets a TWC “Got Back?” wife beater mailed to them. True story. And you get mad bragging rights too, which is worth waaaay more than a shirt.

As Slick Rick once said after he tucked y’all in — “Heeeere we go”:

  1. A Family Called Quest — True or False.
  2. In which fast food restaurant’s bathroom did the Humpty get busy?
  3. Who politely asks to clear their throat… and hopes you don’t mind?
  4. This rapper’s name is sometimes sprayed on the faces of chumps who
      think they gonna git some from a lady who ain’t havin’ it. (spelling counts)
  5. Who came to get down and wants to “rock right now”.
  6. Name three rappers whose names are indicative of their girth.
  7. Biz Markie’s “friend” was from which nation?
  8. Flavor Flav is to a clock as Kriss Kross is to _______________.
  9. How tall does Skee-Lo wish he was?
10. How many does Luniz have on it?
11. What are the two things that Bell Biv Devoe says you should never trust?
12. How many degrees was Sadie at when Snoop kindly told her to get up?
13. Paper Boy is cautious of hoe’s so what does he wear?
14. What did Warren G say to the brutha just after his rings and Rolex got jacked?
15. Match the following G’s to the cars they’ve flossed:

Vanilla Ice
Puff Daddy
Notorious BIG
Eazy E
The Sugar Hill Gang

A Six Fo’
A Rover, a GS300 AND a drop-top BMW
A Mustang
A hatchback
“C to the A to the DDY”
A Lincoln Continental and a Cadillac (…with a sunroof)


Too White Crew
Fresh like a new pair of kicks



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