Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Before We Say Goodbye to June…

This past weekend was in. sane.

Peoria, you guys make us feel like rockstars EVERY time we visit you. There’s something to be said when we can’t even hear each other over all the screams from the riverfront stage. We’ll be back at CEFCU Centerstage on September 6th. That’s a Saturday. Plan accordingly.

J-town… you keep doin’ you. The crew always has a blast watching the chaos that emerges at Harrah’s Casino. We will make our return to Stage 151 in the fall. In the meantime we will be in and around the south side and even making our way through Hollywood in August.

And finally, CHI-TOWN REPRESENT!!! Chicago Summerfest was the best way to end June. As G-rated as we tried to keep ourselves, it was in NO WAY a disappointment even with C-note keepin’ his forty out of sight (it was hiding in our changing tent, shhhh…)

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There’s more evidence of the awesome coming soon, but here’s a sample:



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