Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Taste of Lakeview Saturday!!!!

 Too White Crew will represent in the 773 at the Taste of Lakeview. Meet us at the south stage (Belmont & Lincoln) at 8pm. We’ll call this one the official “4th of July After Party.”

While we all count down the minutes to showtime, join the party and invite your homies on Facebook. If that isn’t enough of a play-by-play for you, get more a sneak peak of the clownin’ that happens offstage, backstage, in our cars, or while we bob for 40s on Instagram & Twitter (@toowhitecrew).

Just in case you were at all curious, we’d love to find 6 sets of these for our Fly Girls. Not that they need the help getting off the ground, it’d just be really funny:



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