Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band


This weekend is packed with two of our favorites to throw a mid-summer party. 

First up, Friday night @ Doc’s Inn in Silvis, IL!  Quad Cities, taking a pull off our almost-patented Boone’s bong is worth the trip right thurr. If you missed it last year we were here, check out the evidence of what you’re about to witness. Just in case you need help figuring out what exactly is happening, it’s an over-the-top TWC throw down – which includes just about anything you could imagine without getting e’rryone tossed in a paddy wagon.

Did we mention it’s tented?

Saturday night, we make our return to the Chi at the Summer on Southport stage. There’s a huge list of awesome bands there to warm y’all up, but pace yourselves.  Too White Crew takes over before it’s time for the after party at Justin’s (3358 N. Southport) . We hit at 8:00!

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Now, check out some food for thought:



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