Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band


Alright guys, summer’s half over.  This weekend starts our non-stop August schedule, and I don’t think we could’ve closed out July in any other way.

It was a perfect night at CD & ME last Thursday. The weather was mild, the crowd was hyped, and the drinks never stopped. Even the bugs left us all alone while the droppin’ was hot. It’s always a great welcome when we hit up the south side, and Frankfort, you didn’t hold back.

Friday was another wild night for the crew at the Blue Chip Casino. Ya’ll hit the floor like you’ve never hit it before. Vegas has never gotten that hot in July before, I promise.

…after all the crazy we had in those two days, I think I can speak for everyone by saying “WE MADE IT!” We’re totally recovered and ready to jump into the next handful of busy weekends.
And huge props to Rebate for filling in on bass this past weekend and helping us get through it. You rock, dude! Thank you, thank you!

Keep in touch with us and show us your pics on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew, #toowhitecrew).  We love hearing your party stories and checking your evidence. Also, if you haven’t yet, join the crew on Facebook and make sure you join our events for when we’re gonna be by you again.

This weekend, we’ll see you @ 8:00p at The Cube @ Rivers Casino Friday night, and @ 8:00p at Wrigleyville Summerfest and our afterparty at Joe’s for Salt n Pepa! Wha-Whaaaaaaaaat!

Before we jump into this crazy month to close out fest season, I’d love it if someone could find me one of these, please:



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