Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Piecing Things Together…

This past weekend is a blur. And here’s why:

…I know we played at Rivers Casino on Friday night – thank you to everyone who came and hung out all night. We know you have options every weekend, especially in the summertime, and we always appreciate the welcome we get when we hit up The Cube. Those are some of our favorites too. WE get to watch YOU drink your faces off because our green room is so stocked up with Redbull and water, we couldn’t fit the Boones Farm in the fridge if we wanted to.

Before I get into the details of what I can remember of Saturday night, lemme just tell ya’ll right now: I miss college. I’m still recovering, but wouldn’t change a thing.
Saturday’s after party at Joe’s on Weed St. KICKED ASSES EVERYWHERE!  Salt N Pepa still know how to own the stage. They seriously took over – no surprise that they’re a couple of our favorites to cover, right??
Thank you to Joe’s Bar and everyone who came to join the party…and the dancers for letting us into the green room for pizza scraps and a clean bathroom…and the bartenders for putting up with us, because as much as I don’t remember every conversation, I’m sure we threw some random weirdness out there because it’s just what happens when drinking’s involved. DUH!

But seriously…
Our super sober casino show Friday night threw us all into party-mode for Saturday (not that we aren’t always in party-mode, but this was like…serious business and we needed to take care of it). Wrigleyville already has this crazy effect on people that makes them feel like they need to drink. Clearly, you put Wrigleyville Summerfest and Too White Crew together and you get a handful of “that just happened” moments without regret. Not for nothing, the crowd kept right up with us. Each Fly Girl was bobbing for 40s.

I may not be in college anymore but I’ll take you to school. This was only the beginning of the end…



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