Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Oh, Monday…

Monday means it’s time to take a head count of who survived the weekend. No one from the crew drowned on the way to, or from, Blarney Island Friday night. And no one was lost in the thousands of people in front of our stage at Retro on Roscoe Saturday. Everyone’s accounted for, and it’s time to hydrate for the upcoming weekend. First though…

Friday night couldn’t have been more awesome. The Island was jumpin’ so hard, I was convinced we’d be crashing through the deck and into the water. It’s cool though, ya’ll. The crew and instruments are all accounted for.

Retro on Roscoe proved, once again, that Chicago is seriously the greatest city on the planet. It was nothin’ but love throughout the night. As soon as our intro hit, we couldn’t even hear ourselves on the mics. Thank you, Chi-town, you rock!

I’m pretty sure there are going to be pictures and things posted, so keep your eyes open guys! Facebook is probably where they’ll be first. 😉
But here’s a pretty cool shot I stole from the camera. This is what a Chi-town party looks like:



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