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As Fest Season Wraps Up…

Okay ya’ll, summer is coming to a close and the fests are slowing down.  The beautiful fall weather this past weekend didn’t stop ANYONE from coming out and  joining the parties, though.

Friday night blew our minds! It was chilly before we started, and the entire street was packed with you clowns…the whole night! Festa Italiana was a first for us this year and with that kind of welcome, the amazing food, and of course the awesome Star Events crew, I hope we get to hang in Little Italy again next year.

Lake Geneva’s Venetian Fest wasn’t any less exciting. You guys packed yourselves in and refused to move throughout our three sets! That’s a long night, and the party didn’t even stop there – I heard there was quite the throw down afterwards at Champs. Way to set the bar and raise it all at the same time, Wisconsin.
Thank you to the Jaycees for having us back this year, and to everyone who volunteered their time and energy to making that night another one of our favorites.

And yesterday is a little foggy for me…because it was. That STILL didn’t stop the entire lot from filling up. Edison Park, you guys surprised us with your Sunday Funday abilities to keep up with the crew. I’m pretty sure, I never managed to finish the forty like I promised C-note I would, BUT I bet anyone in that crowd could’ve managed.

Okay. So seriously, guys, the summer is clearly coming to an end. As much as it totally bums me out to realize and share that newsflash with you, it doesn’t mean that all of our outdoor shows are done. We’ve got a few more coming up, and you can check ’em here, on our website, or our tourdates tab on Facebook.
Also, keep up with us on Twitter & Instagram (@toowhitecrew / toowhitecrew).

Now, realize I couldn’t pick just one crowd shot from this weekend, but I was forced to by no fault of my own. Edison Park Fest, you guys win. CHECK IIIIIIIT!



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