Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

CENTRAL ILLINOIS, we’re coming for you.

This weekend, Too White Crew is going to make things happen. I mean, shit is gonna get real.

I’mma start with Friday night. We’re making our return to Backstage @ Hollywood Casino in Joliet. Last time we hit this joint, it sold out before our first set even finished! We’ve got the pics to prove it. AND!!! From what I can remember, it was one of the finest booty-shake contests I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. Ladies, bring it! Bring it all to us THIS Friday. The bomb drops at 8PM.

Saturday night’s a different story. For the first time in like…ever, the crew is chuggin’ our Colt 45‘s all the way south to the annual Kincaid Family Picnic. “Look it, look it, look it…” We haven’t hit Central Illinois in a HOT second; it’s been more like almost a lifetime, or something, cause I don’t think I even knew what weave was the last time they made this trip.
Whoa! I’m really dating myself now.
We hit the stage @ 9PM. It’s all ages, so don’t worry about bad language. We got this.

On a seriously serious note: THIS WEEKEND IS (MIGGIDA)3 MATT’S LAST COUPLE OF FULL SHOWS! This dude kills it like it’s never been before, and as thrilled as we all are for his new adventures comin’ at him, he’s gonna be hella missed. This guy has been the brains behind many of those medleys that y’all have partied to – little did you know, huh? Dude’s got skills! Come out and let’s give him a proper send off.

Oh! I just thought I’d share this new trick that I can’t wait to try. Like, for real. Check it!

Don’t act like you didn’t just jump a little.



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