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Drop down ‘n’ get your pumpkin on!

It’s officially Fall; not only because of today being the equinox, but also because I’ve been tripping over EVERYTHING. I promise, a face plant is bound to happen – pictures for proof later. :)

The crew took this past weekend off to give us all some rehab days after last weekend’s triple-header craziness. This coming weekend is a completely different story. Saturday night @ 9:30, we’re throwin’ down at the Grundy County Corn Fest. Perfect timing for the change of the season. Bring on the corn, apple and pumpkin everything to chase down the Colt 45…everything pairs well with Colt 45, but ya’ll already know that, right? Check out more details about this fest HERE.
From their website, this fest has all levels of activities, the only thing they’re missing is a good, clean beer pong race. I mean, seriously. If anyone feels up for the challenge, we will have ours handy and will gladly help you out with that.



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