Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

TWC in Indy on NYE!

It’s like we won the NYE show lottery. Yeah, we’re from Chicago and we love our city and all but a change of scenery every once in a while is a good way to throw the scent off those pesky parole officers. And if we have to leave our kickass city behind on New Years Eve, it better be for something like this:

The Bud Light Platinum New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball in Indianapolis is a giant party – as in 2500-people-sell-this-thang-out-erry-year giant. This is the 8th annual party for the company who puts it on (holla Blue Ink Marketing!) and the’ve got it dialed in. It’s at the Union Station, which happens to be attached to the Crowne Plaza Hotel downtown. And that’s pretty dayum convenient since that’s about as far as you’ll make it when this party’s over.

So it’s THREE biga$$ parties in one: There’s the Iron Horse Lounge featuring the “Acoustic” stage and three acts that fill it; the Illinois St. Ballroom where P3 Productions loads up the DJs for the night and then the Grand Hall where Too White Crew will regulate from 10p-1a. 99.5 WZPL will also be awl up in this thang, and they don’t even KNOW what’s about to hit em. That’s right, we’re talkin’ to you, NikkiToni and Dave.

But that’s not all. They’re next-leveling this beeotch with roaming magicians, psychics, face painters, caricature artists…and a photo booth to remind you later that the whole thing wasn’t a hallucination.

There’s a wide range of attire from black tie to club wear. Wearing a mask is optional but it really helps to have one so you can do stupid shit all night and not necessarily be accountable. They even sell masks at the party for five bucks…although we hear they sell out of them every year, presumably because people who get there without one soon realize, “Wow, I’d really not like to be recognized when these shots kick in.”

The party goes from 8:30pm – 2:00am. VIP tickets are $110 and VIP with dinner is $169. Click here for ticket info! It typically sells out somewhere before NYE so don’t wait till they gone an’ sheeeeeit!




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