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We’re Goin’ Balls Deep This Wednesday!

The 32nd annual Turkey Testicle Festival in Huntley, IL is back this Wednesday and it’s sure to be as gross…and as packed…as ever. This isn’t just a festival name designed for shock value. They serve balls. Fried turkey balls. $5 for a cup of them if you must know. And this “one night only” Black Wednesday ballfest has attracted thousands of people every year for 32 years now.

I’d like to think it’s because of the entertainment or maybe because people are looking for any reason to dodge batshit crazy relatives who came home for the holiday…not because they’re jonesin’ for fowl nuts. But it looks like I’m wrong because they order 1200 POUNDS of this nastiness and it snot because they throw it away at the end of the night. People are EATING THIS SHIT.

Whatever the reason, people come to this thing from all over and they booze themselves silly. Probably to help choke down those golden brown, deep fried turkey testicles.  Check out the pics from the last time we balled there.  See what I did there?

So anyway, here’s the dealio.

It’s an all day thing in a circus-sized heated tent and they’ve got a lineup that should help you forget what’s on the menu:

Suburban Cowboys: 1-3PM
Modern Day Romeos: 4-6PM
Wish List: 7-9PM
Too White Crew: 9:30-midnight

It’s outside the Parkside Pub in Huntley.  Click here for directions, here for tickets and here for the chartered bus routes. That’s right. BUS ROUTES.  Hopefully that’s how all the wobblers are getting home.

Happy Thanksgiving and let’s get nuts!

P.S. If you want to see the pictures from this hot battered mess, like Too White Crew on Facebook!



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