Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

TWC’s next “Guest Fly Girl” night is this Saturday at Joe’s!

If you’ve always wanted to be a Fly Girl, and you’ve got the skills to back that thang up, Too White Crew’s new “Guest Fly Girl” nights are for you!  And the next one is at Joe’s on Weed St. this Sat., 1/3!!

It goes like this:

1) Contact us at “411 at toowhitecrew dot com” (figure it out; trying to avoid bots) and let us know you’re interested
2) We’ll talk about your creds and which one or two songs you’d like to do
3) We’ll send you YouTube links to the choreography
4) Practice.  Do squats and crunches.  Repeat.
5) Get your free “Got Back?” wife beater
6) Hang out with us backstage and be a part of the band for the night
7) Bum rush our stage with all your friends in the crowd and live the dream!

Start 2015 by Bustin’ a Move with TWC!

Be our Guest Fly Girl!



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