Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

2015? Yeah, we got this.

As we crip walk our way into the new year, TWC is in a great place. We ended 2014 with a massively fun show in Indy, a little N64 Golden Eye in the hotel room followed by an after party that got shut down by the po-po. Here’s a little Before & After collage…

Then 2015 began with a Podcast interview focusing on the history of the band (check it out!)…how far TWC has come…how hard it was…and some of our milestone accomplishments over our 12 years together. It gave me a chance to spend some time thinking about all the former band members & Fly Girls over the year who got us where we are. “What a long, strange trip it’s been!” This band owes so much to all the players along the way. I’m honestly lucky as hell to be able to look back on each lineup over the years and have such great memories. There was never a time when I considered this “work”. It’s truly been a great ride. But I digress. :)

Last Saturday we had a show at Joe’s Bar which is where we started back in 2002. We always look forward to Joe’s shows because it’s such a great venue and we have such history there. We weren’t let down. It was an awesome crowd, a great time we even had a booty shake contest that was so lopsided that in the middle of the contest we dropped the mic and called it off before some of the contestants could even go. This girl straight up crushed it. It was over before it even began.

As if starting the year at Joe’s Bar isn’t “comin’ out of the gate swingin'” enough, we’re at two of our other favorite northern Illinois joints this weekend – Giovanni’s in Rockford this Friday and Austin’s Fuel Room this Saturday.

Start your year with some mad booty poopin’!




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