Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

NIU Friday, HOME Bar this Saturday!

It’s now 5 days after our show at Crusens in Peoria, which means all motor skills have finally returned to normal. Almost. Geesh.

OK so, yeah, we’ve got a couple extra dope shows ahead of us this weekend. Friday, we’re back at NIU for the only time this semester. It’s always extra speshial for half of our band too, cuz C-note, Woodsy Fresh and Cornbread are all Huskies, so it’s our own little homecoming. Plus, beer nuggets. NIU, you know what I’m talkin’ bout. We hit at Rosy’s Roadhouse at 10:00.

Saturday we’re at HOME Bar in Arlington Heights. Even if 1000 people bum rush this room, you can still find a place to swing a cat so if you wanna shake your money maker at a TWC show, this is the place to do it without accidentally bumpin’ uglies with your neighbor.

Now here’s a lil suhin’ suhin to put in your pipe. It’s our sound engineer Sam On It, proving why you’ll be seeing more of him on the mic at TWC shows. Oh yeah, and we’re bonusing a P.Tugz freestyle at the end. Special credit to T-Wreckx on the guitar.  And Woodsy Fresh for a most excellent cameo. :)



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