Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Bannerman’s Friday, Fitz’s Spare Keys Saturday!

It’s a rare double dose of 630 for us this weekend. We’re at Bannerman’s Sports Bar in Bartlett for the first time evuh this Friday, 3/6. It’s been a long time comin’ too, especially since we haven’t played in the far west burbs for a hot minute. Sooooo calling all of C-note’s peeps in the STC, creep down Army Trail Road to get to Rt. 59. And I do mean creep, cuz y’all know what speeding through Wayne will get you. I mean, wouldn’t you rather just spend that money on your dayom bar tab? BTW, Bartlett is also P.Tugz‘ hometown so all you P.Tugz fans, he’s looking forward to coming home Friday night!

Saturday is Elmhurst’s huge St. Patty’s Day party…and our annual appearance at the official after party at Fitz’s Spare Keys. It’s a shit show and the place gets packed so get there early. We are gonna bowl over this place, literally,  cuz they have a bowling alley in the green room. Hellz yeah.

Alright people. Let’s get green wit it. It’s dat tyma year, an’ sheeeit.




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