Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

107th Annual “Next Year Day” is almost here!

“Next Year Day”?! Yeah, that’s what Cubs fans have said every year for the past 107 years – “Wait’ll next year!”

Well next year is now here. “Next Year Day” has become the north side’s annual celebration on the eve of Opening Day – the celebration of false hopes, broken promises, unfulfilled dreams, vomiting in Wrigleyville alleys…you know the drill.

Anyway, has as least figured out a way to throw a great party and one that benefits a charity too. Here’s the skinny:


The 107th Annual Next Year Day will serve as the kick-off celebration for the Chicago Cubs opening day by ringing in the 2015 season with the biggest party of the year. Commemorating Chicago’s unconditional love and support for their iconic team, the event is hosted by The Heckler. The event will feature a live performance by Too White Crew.

Contest will include “Pin the JumboTron in front of the Rooftop,” drunk Harry Caray Impression, “Jackie Robinson West Eligibility Contest” honoring the guest who traveled the farthest to get there, “Javy Baez ‘Strike Out With The Ladies’ worst pick-up line competition” and much, much more. Pre-purchase your spot on the guest list to beat the lines and get a $10 coupon for Tickets can be purchased at:

A portion of proceeds will benefit AvanseOrg, a Chicago-based charity dedicated to changing the lives of street kids.


And just for good measure, here’s a video of Too White Crew’s C-note & Woodsy Fresh, along with a couple of their homies singing the National Anthem at Wrigley back in tha day…



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