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A Lil Wayne / TWC college tour?

Since Weezy is comin’ to P-town tonight and since we’re wreckin’ shop on the same stage this Saturday, we thought we’d share a little story about how TWC almost went on tour with Lil Wayne a bunch of years ago…

We got a call from an agent who was booking a midwest college tour for Lil Wayne. It was supposed to be 5 or 6 shows. And they needed an opening act. And Too White Crew gets the call??? I told the guy something like, “Not to discredit what we do or anything, but like, you sure this is the mix you’re looking for? I mean you know we’re basically on the other end of the hip hop spectrum, right?”

His response – if I could condense and rephrase what he was trying to say, was, “Exactly. In order for these college admins to approve a show like Lil Wayne and not have a beatdown from parents whose kids’ tuitions are helping fund these concerts, we need to water that shit down with something a little, well, lighter than Lil Wayne. That’s where Too White Crew comes in.”

Ha. We get it. And we thought, “Hell, a little tour with Lil Wayne? Why not.” So just as we were putting the ink to paper on the tour, Lil Wayne got arrested for gun possession and the whole tour got canceled. Dammit, Weezy. Man the stories we coulda had.

Ha. Oh well. Have fun tonight P-town! See you Saturday night!




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