Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

The battle is ON.

This night is so big, Antares be lookin’ at it goin’, “Damn you big”:

1) We’re playing at HOME Bar. And that’s usually pretty big, without the additional sheeeit below…
2) They’re showing the Pacquiao – Mayweather fight… $20 for both TWC and the fight or $10 for TWC if you wanna wait till the fight’s over.
3)  It’s HOME Bar’s annual “Halfway to Halloween” party with a $1000 costume contest! ($500 going to best overall fight themed outfit, and $500 going to the best overall costume.)
4) We gots new music to debut!!!
5) It’s  C-note’s birthday at midnight. Can a playa get a little love?
6) We bonused you an image of P-tugz in the above flyer, cuz we all know Tugz should be in every battle.
7) It’s Saturday night. Which means poor decisions are on special.
8) They gots tables, bottle service, valet, bartenders in booty shorts… #ballermusts

Yeah, so, that oughtta do it.

BTW, if you wanna see pics of how we do at HOME Bar, click right hurr.





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