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Peoria & Rockford back-to-back? OUUUUUUCH!

6/13 WEATHER UPDATE: In the event of rain, there is a full set up waiting for us inside at the BMO Center down the street so it’s on rain or shine!


Wow, was this a booking blunder. Peoria hangovers usually go 36-48 hours and the average Rockford hangover is 24-36 hours. Having these shows scheduled on consecutive nights is like mixing booze with Vicodin. This won’t end well. But let’s find the positive:

This is what the Peoria riverfront looked like last June…

We hope that the good people of the 309 will help us shatter the attendance record Friday night. Again. To assist in this effort, KISS-FM will be reppin the night, Big D is coming to town to MC the show, DJMcFly will light the match and the Dopestylez bboy crew will put on the halftime show. Then we head to Crusens on the ‘Farm immediately afterwards because, grape bombs. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.

Then Saturday night…

Rockford. And here’s what THIS mess looked like last year…

FIVE BARS teamed up last year to bring Rockford the FIRST EVER Rockford street party where drinks are allowed on the street ’til 2am! Thousands showed up. And they’re about to make the same mistake twice. Their loss, your gain. Don’t miss it – especially ’cause you might end up being the only one in Rockford who does. And that would kinda suck, wouldn’t it? Our homies The Personnel open the night at 7:00, Sidewalk Chalk is on at 8:30 and we hit at 10. The outside stage is on State and Main in downtown Rockford, between District and Kryptonite. Doors at 6; minors can’t go in the restaurants/bars after 10PM. But that’s not all! The Personnel have a late night set at District and Sidewalk Chalk’s late set is at Kryptonite. And we’ll be bouncing between the two. Check out last year’s pics on Facebook or Flickr.



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