Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Red, White & Crew Weekend!

Thought we’d kick off off the weekend with a nice thick slice of ‘Merica at Rivers Casino. You see it all at casinos and Rivers is no disappointment. Trust us. There’s hella people watching here.  Oh AND we’re debuting Sam Onnit on bass!!!

Then Friday, we head out to the 630 for our 9-11PM G-rated festival show at Lisle’s Eyes to the Skies Festival. That’s G rated, not rated for G’s. And in order to give us some time to slug down our forties backstage, we asked the fest to have a fireworks display at 9:45.  :) Our homies The Personnel will be opening for us, then they’ll be at Base Camp (formerly The Lodge) down the street after the fest is over.



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