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“Name Our Fly Girl” contest!

We’ve brought in a new Fly Girl and she needs a name. Currently she goes by Kristen, but not for long. Because you’re gonna come up with her new name. What’s in it for you? A fresh pack of unopened “Yo! MTV Raps” cards from 1991, a “Got Back?” wife beater – both shipped directly to your crib…and mad bragging rights. She joins our Fly Girl lineup of: Juicebox, Hot Wheelz, Vitamin V, Lemon Drop and KitKat.

You’ve got two chances to see her this weekend, as we roll up north to Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville tonight and Blue Chip Casino Saturday night…after the Cubs win Game 1.

So here she is. You can either submit her name as a comment to this blog post or as a comment on the Facebook post. We’ll announce the winner on our Faceboook page. Ready, set, go.



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