Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

They classin’ it up this Friday at Q Bar!

I think Q Bar musta confused us with an orchestra or suhin’ but we ain’t sayin’ nuttin to them cuz it’s always better to clown. “$5 martinis and and half off wine?” Bahahaha. And I’ll bet it’s fancy wine. That’s cool though cuz we bring our own forties. And wine – if you’re really gonna call Boone’s Farm and Mad Dog “wine”.

In any case, this is gonna be a great night, watching all y’all professional types drinking fancy drinks and rubbing elbows with all the standard TWC “DGAF’s”, while we up there regulating and shakin money makers. Brings a damn tear to my eye I tell you.

And if that ain’t enough, they got $50 VIP tables and $15 VIP seating. First person to send me a picture from the show toasting a martini glass with your bomb shot gets a free, unopened pack of “Yo! MTV Raps!” cards from 1991. I’m serious.

The cover for the common folk is $8 and we start at 10:00. Q Bar is in the 630 – 2240 Bloomingdale Rd. in Glendale Heights.



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