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“Drink” special this Saturday at Blue Chip Casino!

So Blue Chip Casino posts drink specials every month and they’re usually pretty standard, not stuff that’ll send you down a flight of stairs. So when we saw that this month’s special is a vodka shot, we had to give them props. They’re not even suggesting that it be diluted with a mixer or accompanied by a silly sugared-up lemon wedge. That’s for novices. Just shots of damn vodka.

It’s like they made a special just for our show this Saturday (add your bad self to the FB event right here). But it isn’t. The below screenshot from their website let’s you know they ain’t playin’. “All Day Everyday”. It’s even on there twice just in case you missed it the first time. I’m already picturing people literally falling into one another, everywhere. And it’s a beautiful sight.

Hope Blur Chip is placing mattresses at the bottom of all their staircases.

Belvedere shot special at Blue Chip



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