Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Just give up on the week already!

If there was ever a week to give up on, it’s this week. It’s Thursday and it’s St. Paddy’s Day so Friday is canceled. 115 Bourbon Street is making this really easy too.  They’re open from morning till, well, morning. It starts with WGN Morning News coverage at the cracka$$ of dawn, showcasing the hardest of the hard core south-side booze hounds from 6-10am. Then, the NCAA tourney will be on all day, helping to make your Jay Oh Bee a distant memory. Before you know it, you’ll be on your third square meal of the day off Bourbon’s menu. Then the wheels come off. So call in sick now.

The Larkin and Moran Brothers are in the front room at 7pm followed by Too White Crew at 10pm in the back room. And we’re bringing four Fly Girls, DJ Kris Wilkins, new tunes bottles of Wild Irish Rose AND TWC’s Extremely Worthless Posse.

But that’s not all. Bourbon is piling on DJ’s in The Fireball Saloon from 10pm till close – in search of the last man standing. It’s gonna be rich.

So the week is officially over. Thank the Irish…and your awesome, incorrigible, bad-decision prone self. Cheers!

Never don't give up

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