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TWC’s next “Guest Fly Girl” night is this Saturday at Joe’s!

If you’ve always wanted to be a Fly Girl, and you’ve got the skills to back that thang up, Too White Crew’s new “Guest Fly Girl” nights are for you!  And the next one is at Joe’s on Weed St. this Sat., 1/3!!

It goes like this:

1) Contact us at “411 at toowhitecrew dot com” (figure it out; trying to avoid bots) and let us know you’re interested
2) We’ll talk about your creds and which one or two songs you’d like to do
3) We’ll send you YouTube links to the choreography
4) Practice.  Do squats and crunches.  Repeat.
5) Get your free “Got Back?” wife beater
6) Hang out with us backstage and be a part of the band for the night
7) Bum rush our stage with all your friends in the crowd and live the dream!

Start 2015 by Bustin’ a Move with TWC!

Be our Guest Fly Girl!

Bring it on!

The weekend seriously can’t come soon enough. I don’t know about anyone else, but my week has been a rough one! I mean, Facebook has temporarily canceled my account because they don’t believe that “PopTart” is my name! …WHAAAAAAAT?!  I’ve been feeling SO disconnected from the world – like, everyone has a big inside joke that I don’t get to be a part of; that’s in spite of still hanging on my Instagram  & Twitter. Those things aren’t nearly the same! SHUCKS!!
I am SO ready for the weekend the crew’s got planned. BRING IT ON!!!

This Thurs. 10/30 (that’s tomorrow) is our first time partying at Skooter’s in Shorewood, IL. We’ve heard some awesome things about this place, and really can’t wait to break it in. It’s also Halloween, so we’re hoping that all of our friends from that area are just as ready as we are to partake in “pre-game Thursday.” Yup…that’s a thing I just created for your partying pleasure. :)
We hit the stage at 8:30pm after we threw a few back to warm up.

Then, this Fri. 10/31 is HALLOWEEN!
Too White Crew is raging in the big room at 115 Bourbon St for their annual Halloween Bash! This is the place to be no matter where in Chicagoland you are. It’s that big. 2000+ people every year can’t be wrong! And if you didn’t know before, you do now. We’re hitting the stage @ 10PM and don’t stop til they tell us it’s time for the costume contest – for which, by the way,  they are giving out some freakin’ awesome prizes:
2nd Place wins $1000
3rd Place wins $500
4th Place wins $250

I am personally super stoked for tomorrow and Friday, because I clearly just need to feel like I’m a part of the human race again. Ay yi yi!
But seriously, we are about to take things over. Keep up with all the behind the scene shenanigans on Instagram & Twitter (@toowhitecrew). These are usually a little too crazy to add to tha ‘book.

This can’t be true.

“Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!” – I hope to hear this before every selfie taken this weekend.
By the way, if you didn’t just recite that line in the style of Ron Burgandy then you’re missing out on a good time. Seriously, though, do any of us ever pass up a little extra rehearsal time in front of the mirror? Ya know, to get the perfect go-face ready for cameras to come out on the weekend? It’s almost a surprise when you see someone’s phone come out or a flash go off, but as long as you got your practice time in you’re golden. I know guys pride themselves on pretending they don’t get it, so I’ll also play pretend: this is mostly for the ladies, ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. 😉

On that note, ya’ll have ONE CHANCE to put those faces to good us and see us this weekend. Too White Crew will be  bringing our last party in the CHI of 2014 to Cubby Bear Wrigleyville THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ 10.  Don’t be late!! Fly girls, Bboys, MCs, the entire crew will be in your faces from start to finish.
Keep an eye on our Facebook, we’ve been giving out tickets to some lucky followers all week.

Now about those selfies… even the crew gets in on the fun sometimes. Creep on our instagram and/or twitter for ’em (@toowhitecrew) or share yours from the show (#toowhitecrew). Saturday’s totally gonna be crazy. Get ready for it.

But seriously, this CAN’T be 100% true:

Look who came to party with the crew.

After one hell of a night at Zantes on Friday, the crew took the party over to Harrah’s Casino for their annual Oktoberfest and to catch the last big of the Hairbangers Ball show in Stage 151. The beer was flowing, the shots were pouring, and the band before us, Chicago 6, brought us some new friends to hang with for a bit.

Say “what up” to the ’85 Chicago Bears! I’m pretty sure it’s safe to speak for everyone when I say that Too White Crew was totally stoked to have the opportunity to share in the festivities with Dan Hampton, Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael.

Needed some new bandanas for this weekend’s shows, sooo…


Now, that, I got me some Seagram’s Gin, everybody get they cups and let the party begin…

This Friday at Zante Lounge in Orland Hills @ 10:00.
This Saturday at Harrah’s Oktoberfest in Joliet @ 7:30!

Drunk Texting: Don’t do it…or do it anyway.

Hope you’ve got your plans for the weekend set. It’s almost here, and you know what that means… TIME TO TURN YOUR CELL PHONE OFF SO YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING STUPID! I know that everyone would like to pretend they haven’t done this before, but come on; we all have. Just brace yourself for what’s about to come:

Friday night, we’re partying at Zantes in Orland. It’s been a minute since we’ve thrown down inside at this place, but we haven’t forgotten how freakin’ awesome everyone is there.  The food’s awesome, the crowd’s awesome, and the booze is pretty great too. Seriously, creep the pics from last time and you can literally see just how progressively awesome we ALL get.

Saturday, we’re hitting a new fest for us down in J-town. Harrah’s Oktoberfest is a party in the parking lot across from the Casino. Ya’ll mention some brats and dark beers, and consider me sold!

I’m gonna get back to what I was originally saying, though. PLEASE, if this is something you could see yourself doing, I just hope that our plentiful supply of Boones Farm is the reason.

Drop down ‘n’ get your pumpkin on!

It’s officially Fall; not only because of today being the equinox, but also because I’ve been tripping over EVERYTHING. I promise, a face plant is bound to happen – pictures for proof later. :)

The crew took this past weekend off to give us all some rehab days after last weekend’s triple-header craziness. This coming weekend is a completely different story. Saturday night @ 9:30, we’re throwin’ down at the Grundy County Corn Fest. Perfect timing for the change of the season. Bring on the corn, apple and pumpkin everything to chase down the Colt 45…everything pairs well with Colt 45, but ya’ll already know that, right? Check out more details about this fest HERE.
From their website, this fest has all levels of activities, the only thing they’re missing is a good, clean beer pong race. I mean, seriously. If anyone feels up for the challenge, we will have ours handy and will gladly help you out with that.

I once got busy…

Too White Crew has one hell of a weekend lined up. A triple-header comin’ straight at ya!

Thursday night, the wheels are comin’ off! 115 Bourbon St is gonna explode: we’ve got our Fly Girls and B Boys ready to roll, our Boone’s Farm & Colt 45 chilled and ready to pour, and (Miggida)3 Matt comin’ in for one last show to help break in the brand new stage. Yup! You heard me. We’re presenting you with a christening. The crew will be the FIRST to slay the new scene. Bourbon has brought in the pros as they built their biggest stage yet! They totally demolished that wall that separated the front sports bar from the banquet hall, and pretty much created a completely new front room! They’ve shipped in like, a bagillion new lights, and one of the most intense video walls I have ever seen.

Rockford, you’re next. This Friday; the crew has been counting down the days for this one. Giovanni’s isn’t simply known for the bomb-ass food that Big Al throws at ya, it’s also known for the killer parties they shut down the ballroom for. We’re bringin’ T-Wreckx in to show you his mad skills for the first time. Seriously. Mad skills, ya’ll. It’s also Big Al’s birthday bash!  There are some VIP tables available, along with some crazy giveaways they’ll be doing that night. We all know that “the rock” isn’t shy when it comes to giving warm welcomes, or when it comes to throwin’ down with the best of ’em…Bring it on, guys! We’re countin’ on it.

We’re gonna close out the weekend with a bang.  Our mothership is callin’ us back to the Chi! Joe’s on Weed St, this Saturday night, is where it’s at. Like, really. 4 Fly girls, B Boys, that freakin’ stacked bar – duh – with their fly bartenders, and the rest of the crew are gonna expect your A-game. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to let our show rated for G’s be revealed in the city. Come out and give us your best line. MAYBEEEE we’ll let you try some of our finest Mad

Also, don’t miss any of the shenanigans we pull before, after, or even during these shows: you can follow us, tag us, share with us, friends, us, like us, spank us……wait… on Instagram or Twitter (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew).



Hey guys! The crew’s got some BIG updates for this weekend and next.  We’re slowing down on fests lately to bust the doors down on all the bars. Keep up with our schedule, and don’t miss any of the crazy comin’ your way.

THIS Friday we’re making our return to Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield. We’ve got our new bass player coming in, who a bunch of you will probably recognize from his previous party partners. He’s got some awesome funk behind his groove that we can’t wait to drop on all ya’ll.

SATURDAY night we’re ready to kill the Peoria Riverfront. This time, we’re playing on the Festival Stage just north of the Gateway Building. I know, I know, for those of you who are anything like me this is gonna get confusing. So, lemme explain it: park in one of the lots or the garage by the river; near, on, or around Water St. Enter through the Gateway Building, and where you’d normally go to your right, GO LEFT!!! It’s not gonna be your usual riverfront show, either: we’ve got 4 FLY GIRLS, Big D, DJ McFly spinnin’ before us and during our set break, AND the Dopestylez crew is bumrushin’ our bubble again before and during the show.
After we clear out the front, Too White Crew is heading right over to Crusens on Farmington Rd. to catch our buddies in The Personnel. They’ll be rockin’ out til they’re told to stop…then the after-after party will be at Berlin. Per the usual – ya’ll know the drill by now, right?
Seriously, this is gonna be the biggest blast to end the summer for everyone. You don’t wanna miss it.

Now, seriously, check out some of our plans for next weekend:
The crew’s got a triple-header starting with 115 Bourbon St in Merrionette Park, NEXT THURSDAY, 9/11. SOUTHSIIIIIIDE! Miggida(3) Matt is comin’ back for ONE NIGHT ONLY to hang with us all, and to officially pass the bass.
AAAAANNNNDDDD… you know that new, huge stage in the front room that they’ve been promoting and showing updates on almost weekly? Turns out that Too White Crew is the FIRST BAND EVER to christen the stage. I mean, why the hell not, right? We’ve got all kinds of options that serve the purpose – Boones Farm, Mad Dog, Colt 45, and I’m sure I’ll find myself some Fireball because that’s just how I roll.

So yeah. Ya’ll don’t want to miss anything I just told you about, because you just don’t.
With all this crazy that’s about to go down with everything I just rattled off to you guys, make sure you connect with us on Facebook. Make sure you and your friends also share your pics with us on Twitter & Instagram (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew).

I hope everyone’s getting in those last few BBQ’s before the summer is really gone…I’m sure this guy’s having a good time. 😉


This weekend was IN. SANE.

We played a killer private party Friday night at the Chop Shop in Wicker Park for some of our favorite high-rollers. It included a cameo performance of Ron Jeremy (yes, you heard me THE Ron Jeremy) on his harmonica rippin’ a badass “When The Saints Go Marching In.” Tell me if your dreams wouldn’t have been fulfilled after that. Seriously.
I’m afraid if I get too into detail about what else went down that night, it’d be going against the sanctity of it being a “private” event. 😉

Saturday night, we got to tear it up with our Rockford peeps @ Cherry Valley Days. This is one of my new favorites, because ya’ll really knew how to make us feel like rockstars. Your energy is what keeps us going on muggy nights like that one. Thank you, thank you.

I’m gonna get back to my sabbatical now. But before I do, check out this teaser of evidence from this weekend’s throw down: