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If you’d like your party goers to Bust a Move or dance the Humpty, there’s only one band IN THE WORLD who covers all the great 80’s, 90’s and early millennial hip hop party anthems. Too White Crew isn’t just a band.  It’s a complete show and a high energy party from Chicago that brings back the “Golden Era” of hip hop.

The six-piece, all-live band (along with TWC’s choreographed Fly Girls) performs all the great hip hop party classics that people know and love…but until now, have never seen performed live.  The performance is very artistic and respectful to the music, yet wild, interactive and packed with impromptu comedic moments that create great memories for the party goers.  Part band, part art, all party.

TWC has sold out shows at places like the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills (and is “The Playboy Mansion’s Favorite Band”), the Luxor in Las Vegas and at clubs throughout the country.  TWC has also opened for old school artists such as Nelly, Digital Underground, Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, Naughty by Nature, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Lil Jon, Jason Derulo, the New Boyz and Big Sean.  TWC has performed at national events for Google, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch and many more. It attracts a “cover band” crowd and has a wide age appeal — from 21 to 50+. Too White Crew has even been described as “the hip hop cover band for people who don’t even like hip hop.”

And does Too White Crew Do Weddings? Here’s your answer.

TWC shows are known to be among the most energetic, unique and even sensational musical acts anywhere.
Here’s some other footage for you…
Live from Rockford, IL. This is raw GoPro footage shot from the side of the stage.
A video of “It Takes Two” shot in Sept 2012.  HD YouTube footage that’s most recent.  Each video is 100% and not studio edited.
A video of “Peter Piper and Supersonic”.  Each Too White Crew member raps & sings, taking the lead vocals on several songs.
Song List.  TWC knows many more songs than are typically in rotation.  Sets are tailored to the event / crowd.  Having been at this for twelve years, they know which songs work for the different crowds. Attire, antics and explicit language are very carefully tailored at shows as well.
Facebook — TWC posts picture galleries from every show. Take a look and get a feel for the flava!  :)

And here’s a link to a European magazine article on the world’s best cover bands. Too White Crew not only made cuts, but was given a full page in the article!

Additionally, a YouTube search for “Too White Crew” will turn up all sorts of videos — homegrown and otherwise.
TWC is one of the top festival acts in Chicago and the most energetic / unique.  References from clients and festival organizers to support this are available upon request. TWC travels with a production manager & sound engineer and requires no backline. Stage plot, technical requirements and rider are also available upon request.




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