Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Austin’s Fuel Room

Our upcoming calendar boo.


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2017 Feb-April

The Amazing New Olive Garden Diet!

Yeaaaah, there sure as sh*t ain’t no Olive Garden diet, but we ARE playing at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville this Saturday night, and that should feel about as good as horkin’ down a pile of breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce.

Olive Garden3

Ballin’ on a Budget?

OK, so we got a little deal going on. The first ten people to invite at least a hundred of their homies to Saturday’s “Too White Crew at Austin’s Fuel Room” Facebook event are gonna have their names at the door. No line, no cover. All ballin’. If you really wanna kick it, invite 200 and we’ll comp you and a guest. But here are the rules…

  1. “Like” Too White Crew on Facebook. Here’s the link.
  2. Send a FB message to the band when you’re ready to invite your friends, but don’t invite them till you get a reply.
  3. Invite at least a a hunnit people. If you want to invite all your friends at once without having to check each one, here’s a nifty little hack on how to do it. And don’t invite sucky people. We’ve all got FB friends who think smiling is a chore. Leave them alone. Invite the story makers – the ones who fall into walls…then apologize to the wall. The ones that’ll rip the shot out of your hand and throw it back when you take too long. THOSE friends.
  4. Let us know you’re done inviting people. We’ll check your work and put your name on the list.
  5. Spend that money on shots.
And no, if you invite 1000, you don’t get 10 comps ya greedy bastid! :)

Austin’s Friday & Blue Chip Saturday!

Oh, is everyone you know doing suh’in’ big for spring break? Yeah, well let em have their cabanas and boat drinks while we hook you up with free pulls of Boone’s Farm at these fine drinking establishments:


Then Saturday, at Blue Chip Casino, get there early (we’ve been told to suggest by 9:30) for the best chance of getting in because there are two, sold out “Thunder From Down Under” shows at tha ‘Chip that night which means there will be (listen up fellas) an extra 3000 ladies all up in the place. Our show’s gonna be slammed yo!

One, Two, Three and to tha Fo…

That’s how many days it takes to get Lukulos‘ beer nuggets out of your system. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a rite of passage to subsist off beer nuggets during your stay at NIU. It’s basically a step up from Ramen Noodles but it lasts longer – in every way. One giant grease-stained brown bag of these fried artery shockers will soak up every ounce of alcohol like a ShamWow. So we introduced David Da Legend Ingram to DeKalb’s most potent crack and he’s lost two inches of his vertical jump ever since the incident.


But I digress. So Saturday night we slid up to Austin’s in Libertyville. And I do mean slid. The roads were covered in ice and the 45 minute trip from the City took three hours. Super fun way to start the night. Just when we resolved ourselves to it being a shitty turn out due to the weather, we were reminded of the party ethic in the Eight Fo Seven. Wow. Not even an ice storm from Elsa herself was going to stop these hellions.  So the capacity crowd at Austin’s got regulated:

Next stop is Fitz’s Spare Keys in Elmhurst this Friday, 11/21 and HOME Bar in Arlington Heights Saturday 11/22. For more shows after that, click right huuuuurr. And if you’re not tightened up with us on social media, hit us up on FB and at @toowhitecrew on Instagram & Twitter, where we post all kinds of shizzle that doesn’t make it on tha ‘Book.

Austin’s is the second best place to be on St. Patties Day!


St. Pattie’s Day at Austin’s in Libertyville!

Free Boone’s Farm Melon Ball at Austin’s for all the homies in the front row! A perfect complement to green beer. Kinda.