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2017 Feb-April

The Amazing New Olive Garden Diet!

Yeaaaah, there sure as sh*t ain’t no Olive Garden diet, but we ARE playing at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville this Saturday night, and that should feel about as good as horkin’ down a pile of breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce.

Olive Garden3

Drinking goals. Tonight at Austin’s.

Don’t know how the Libertyville crowd can beat the Rockford Black Wednesday crowd, but we sure hope they try. That means someone would have to beat a booty shake contestant doing a trust fall stage dive. Because that happened. And it didn’t end well.

Don’t let that scare you Libertyville. You got this.

“Name Our Fly Girl” contest!

We’ve brought in a new Fly Girl and she needs a name. Currently she goes by Kristen, but not for long. Because you’re gonna come up with her new name. What’s in it for you? A fresh pack of unopened “Yo! MTV Raps” cards from 1991, a “Got Back?” wife beater – both shipped directly to your crib…and mad bragging rights. She joins our Fly Girl lineup of: Juicebox, Hot Wheelz, Vitamin V, Lemon Drop and KitKat.

You’ve got two chances to see her this weekend, as we roll up north to Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville tonight and Blue Chip Casino Saturday night…after the Cubs win Game 1.

So here she is. You can either submit her name as a comment to this blog post or as a comment on the Facebook post. We’ll announce the winner on our Faceboook page. Ready, set, go.

Say What?!

Damn y’all!
Last Friday night at Nevin’s blew our minds. We had one of our best crowds yet, and street talk’s been that we actually pulled in more peeps than Vanilla Ice the week before. Thank you, Plainfield! You guys rock.

This weekend, we’ve got even more crazy comin’ atcha!
NIU better be ready for us. We’re hittin’ Rosy’s Roadhouse to help them throw a bomb-ass 90s throwback party. Miller Lite & Coors Lite are bringin’ the hook up with $3 Miller Lites and $9.99 40 oz beers at the bar.  The crew is looking forward to some post-show beer nuggets and crashing the usual frat parties…
No cover before 9:00pm. Our intro hits at 10:30, after a couple of our DJ homies rock your faces with some insane EDM hip hop.

Let’s not forget where we’re gonna be to celebrate our survival on Saturday night. Austin’s Fuel Room is gonna feel the bass. This is one of our favorites, because Libertyville knows how to throw down like something we ain’t ever seen. You need the evidence? Check it here! …or even more HERE!
Doors are at 9:30, and we’ll hit the stage at, on, or around 10:00pm. Just get your drink on while you wait for the party to start – that’s what I’ll be doin’ anyway. :)

Make sure you follow or tag us on Instagram/Twitter (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew….duh). We’ll be puttin’ up some backstage awesomeness not safe for Facebook.
Also, I’m still in temporary “Facebook Jail.”  I’m always up for some new banter on either outlet. (Instagram: @poptarts6 / Twitter: @poptart_SaraK)

Please keep in mind that while you may be buyin’ rounds of fo’ties @ Rosy’s, the duct tape is not included. Bring your own, and use at your own risk.  **Too White Crew is NOT responsible for any poor decision making after consuming stupid amounts of alcohol… OR for simply being in college, and assuming you’re invincible because you’re parents aren’t there to tell you that you’re not.
Yes, I’m talking to YOU. We’ve all already been there.