Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

Blue Chip Casino

Our upcoming calendar boo.


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2017 Feb-April

“Drink” special this Saturday at Blue Chip Casino!

So Blue Chip Casino posts drink specials every month and they’re usually pretty standard, not stuff that’ll send you down a flight of stairs. So when we saw that this month’s special is a vodka shot, we had to give them props. They’re not even suggesting that it be diluted with a mixer or accompanied by a silly sugared-up lemon wedge. That’s for novices. Just shots of damn vodka.

It’s like they made a special just for our show this Saturday (add your bad self to the FB event right here). But it isn’t. The below screenshot from their website let’s you know they ain’t playin’. “All Day Everyday”. It’s even on there twice just in case you missed it the first time. I’m already picturing people literally falling into one another, everywhere. And it’s a beautiful sight.

Hope Blur Chip is placing mattresses at the bottom of all their staircases.

Belvedere shot special at Blue Chip

“Name Our Fly Girl” contest!

We’ve brought in a new Fly Girl and she needs a name. Currently she goes by Kristen, but not for long. Because you’re gonna come up with her new name. What’s in it for you? A fresh pack of unopened “Yo! MTV Raps” cards from 1991, a “Got Back?” wife beater – both shipped directly to your crib…and mad bragging rights. She joins our Fly Girl lineup of: Juicebox, Hot Wheelz, Vitamin V, Lemon Drop and KitKat.

You’ve got two chances to see her this weekend, as we roll up north to Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville tonight and Blue Chip Casino Saturday night…after the Cubs win Game 1.

So here she is. You can either submit her name as a comment to this blog post or as a comment on the Facebook post. We’ll announce the winner on our Faceboook page. Ready, set, go.

Austin’s Friday & Blue Chip Saturday!

Oh, is everyone you know doing suh’in’ big for spring break? Yeah, well let em have their cabanas and boat drinks while we hook you up with free pulls of Boone’s Farm at these fine drinking establishments:


Then Saturday, at Blue Chip Casino, get there early (we’ve been told to suggest by 9:30) for the best chance of getting in because there are two, sold out “Thunder From Down Under” shows at tha ‘Chip that night which means there will be (listen up fellas) an extra 3000 ladies all up in the place. Our show’s gonna be slammed yo!


Alright guys, summer’s half over.  This weekend starts our non-stop August schedule, and I don’t think we could’ve closed out July in any other way.

It was a perfect night at CD & ME last Thursday. The weather was mild, the crowd was hyped, and the drinks never stopped. Even the bugs left us all alone while the droppin’ was hot. It’s always a great welcome when we hit up the south side, and Frankfort, you didn’t hold back.

Friday was another wild night for the crew at the Blue Chip Casino. Ya’ll hit the floor like you’ve never hit it before. Vegas has never gotten that hot in July before, I promise.

…after all the crazy we had in those two days, I think I can speak for everyone by saying “WE MADE IT!” We’re totally recovered and ready to jump into the next handful of busy weekends.
And huge props to Rebate for filling in on bass this past weekend and helping us get through it. You rock, dude! Thank you, thank you!

Keep in touch with us and show us your pics on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew, #toowhitecrew).  We love hearing your party stories and checking your evidence. Also, if you haven’t yet, join the crew on Facebook and make sure you join our events for when we’re gonna be by you again.

This weekend, we’ll see you @ 8:00p at The Cube @ Rivers Casino Friday night, and @ 8:00p at Wrigleyville Summerfest and our afterparty at Joe’s for Salt n Pepa! Wha-Whaaaaaaaaat!

Before we jump into this crazy month to close out fest season, I’d love it if someone could find me one of these, please:

It’s time.

As Wednesday comes to a close, it’s time to make your weekend plans.

Thursday, Too White Crew is taking over CD & ME. We hit the stage at 8 and we’ll be ready to party with you all they way ’til 11. If you’ve missed us there before, you better check the pics of what you’ve missed the last time we hit the pavilion in the back. Don’t forget they’ve got bars around every corner, stocked with anything you could want.
21+ and $7 cover gets you into the hottest kick off to the weekend.

Friday night, we’re making our return to the club at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, IN. “It’s Vegas, Baby” so whatever happens here, stays here… I can’t even show you the pictures from the last couple times we’ve blown this place up, because they don’t exist. Try your luck at the tables, then come party with us and drink away the feeling of loss with whatever you’ve got left over. :)

But seriously, if you haven’t mingled with us on Instagram or Twitter yet, it’s never too late to check out the offstage clownin’ (@toowhitecrew).  AND…come join the conversation on Facebook! We are all super interactive there, and sometimes even recap the things from the previous weekend that we can’t remember – and we could use your help.

…one last thing, if you’ve struggled with some of the classically-phrased rap lyrics on our page before, this one should make you feel a bit better about yourself. But don’t blame me if you don’t get it right away – even though I think you will.