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NYE 2017!!!

12/29 UPDATE! $20 general admission tiks have just been added for those who don’t want a food/drink package!

NYE is one of those “Big or Stay Home” nights – where you either lay low or go for broke. Chicago’s NYE Gold Coast Toast is the “go for broke”:


For decades, the Gold Coast bars on Division St. have been a nut house on New Year’s Eve, being home to city peeps, suburbanites and visitors from all over the globe who want to party in Chicago for NYE. Well the six big bars in that hood just formed the “NYE Gold Coast Toast” event – party packages that take this thing to the next level. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a Saturday night this year, which means these bars are open until 5AM.

We’ll be at Mother’s – that’s right, the Mother’s you went to back in the day, when you were sweating it out while the bouncer studied your ID…the Mother’s that has been the rite of passage for those coming to the city from pretty much everywhere – for decades. That whole strip of bars on Division is cranking it up more than ever and we can’t wait to stumble around the Gold Coast until 5AM.

In the words of Spinal Tap’s musical genius, Nigel Tufnel, “This one goes to 11”.

Click here for ticket information!

Be our “Guest Fly Girl” this Saturday at Joe’s!

If you or one of your homegirls has even seen our show and said, “Oh I could totally do that”, then practice those squats…or share this with that extra fly friend, cuz it’s on.

You could be picked to perform two songs with Too White Crew THIS SATURDAY, June 25th at Joe’s on Weed St.!

Here’s the dealio…

1) Contact us at and let us know you’re interested
2) We’ll talk about your creds and let you know by Wednesday if you’re gonna be our Guest Fly Girl
3) We’ll send you YouTube links to the choreography
4) Practice.  Do squats and crunches.  Repeat.
5) Invite your posse to YOUR show this Sat at Joe’s on Weed St.
6) Back that thang up at Joe’s. Collect your free “Got Back?” wife beater.
7) Hang out with us backstage and be a part of the band for the night!

Joe’s on Weed St. is also the only place in Chicago to see Too White Crew’s “XL Show”, featuring 4 Fly Girls, MC’s, DJ’s, bboys and our Extremely Worthless Posse!  We’ve got new tunes and since we’re already in the throws of our summer “all ages” shows, we need a Joe’s show so we can catch up on all our f-bombs!

20160625 Joe's

Just give up on the week already!

If there was ever a week to give up on, it’s this week. It’s Thursday and it’s St. Paddy’s Day so Friday is canceled. 115 Bourbon Street is making this really easy too.  They’re open from morning till, well, morning. It starts with WGN Morning News coverage at the cracka$$ of dawn, showcasing the hardest of the hard core south-side booze hounds from 6-10am. Then, the NCAA tourney will be on all day, helping to make your Jay Oh Bee a distant memory. Before you know it, you’ll be on your third square meal of the day off Bourbon’s menu. Then the wheels come off. So call in sick now.

The Larkin and Moran Brothers are in the front room at 7pm followed by Too White Crew at 10pm in the back room. And we’re bringing four Fly Girls, DJ Kris Wilkins, new tunes bottles of Wild Irish Rose AND TWC’s Extremely Worthless Posse.

But that’s not all. Bourbon is piling on DJ’s in The Fireball Saloon from 10pm till close – in search of the last man standing. It’s gonna be rich.

So the week is officially over. Thank the Irish…and your awesome, incorrigible, bad-decision prone self. Cheers!

Never don't give up

Add yourself to our FB event right huuurr and invite others to share in your bad decisions!

A Note from DJ Shor “T”

I wanted to wish everyone a fabulous holiday season and invite you to stop by and say hello to me sometime in December – selfies welcomed too! – before I take OFF for a while. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be taking some time off to heal myself. Before you get all emotional and teary-eyed on me PLEASE know that I am OK and feel pretty optimistic about the journey ahead of me! I have a plan and will be sharing my journey via social media (including my blog here) so you CAN check in and see how I am doing. The band is a great release for me and I enjoy it so much! I look forward to making a comeback and celebrating with all of YOU! We will be at BaseCamp in Lisle this Friday and at Joe’s on Weed St. in Chicago this Saturday. :)


Saturday night. Be very afraid.

I’ve lost track of how many years we’ve played this party but I know a Bush was President. I’ve seen a metric ton of halloween parties and I can’t think of any annual Halloween party that holds a creepy candelabra to this one. The clocks also fall back an hour, so buckle up party people, cuz we have an extra hour to make sure every wheel comes off.

This blog is mostly for people who have either never been to 115 Bourbon Street on Halloween or never been to Bourbon at all. For starters, the place is plenty bigger than Nicki Minaj’s ass. I’m pretty sure back in the day it used to be a Handy Andy. There is so much shit going on it’s almost hard to get your bearings straight, especially if you’re mainlining liquor, like E V E R Y person there does.

And I’m not even talking about their halloween party yet. That’s just the average weekend night at Bourbon. So about the party…The most important thing you need to know is don’t show up at 10:00 thinking you’ll moonwalk right in. People down south take this shit seriously so get there early. If you get stuck in the line, just remind yourself there’s NOTHING else going on within black cat swinging distance. It’s worth it. Mix some distilled love into a Big Gulp cup to keep you busy. Because that’s what everyone else will be doing. Besides, the line is almost as entertaining as what’s going on inside…provided it’s not raining, snowing, sleeting or some other bullshit that tends to fall from the Chicago sky this time of year.

Bourbon goes all out for this party and so do the 2000+ people (check out the costumes!) hoping to win the trip for two to Mexico or one of the phat cash runner up prizes ($1000 for 2nd, $500 for 3rd, $100 gift cards for 4th & 5th and $50 gift cards for 6th-10th places). The costumes range from original to lame, hysterical to insensitive, smokin’ hot to “wow you really shouldn’t wear that”. You will see it all. Here’s a video preview.

Too White Crew will be in the big room, performing up until the costume contest starts, then DJ Shawn Edwards takes over. Dick Diamond and the Dusters will be on front stage and Suburban Cowboys will be in the Fireball Saloon. All other acts are hallucinations.

AND it’s on a SATURDAY this year? This one’s gonna leave a Marky Mark.

Free is good.

So is a 90 cent beer, which is what Joe’s Bar is serving up this Thursday. I would like to recommended taking advantage of their temporary insanity. Now I’m no mathematician so someone please help me out here. It’s like this: They’re having 90’s Thursdays with 90 cent drafts all summer. Great deal. OK, I get it. And they’re also having 90’s hip hop trivia with prizes. OK, I get that too. But then they’re also lobbing in Too White Crew, and we ain’t exactly cheap. Hmmm, so how much is THIS cover charge gonna need to be? Well, apparently nuthin if you get there before 9:00. Aaaand apparently nuthin if you RSVP to Even if you completely screw that up, you’ll only hafta pay $5. Otherwise, you can catch our show AND a solid buzz for less than a sleeve of shitty golf balls.

If you’re on an Adidas shoestring budget, this is your night. If you wanna ball, you can buy the whole damn bar a round and still not be at the cost of a bottle at a club. Do it playa.

Then we go to the Navy Pier Beer Garden Friday. Which is also free. And all ages. And all everything. Because Navy Pier loves erryone…and erryone loves Navy Pier. You’ll see the greatest cross-section of humanity that you’ll prolly ever see — at least at a TWC show. And they’re all throwing down to old school together. It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh and did I mention that it’s free?

But really…

Has it been Monday all day? Really?! WHERE DID THE WEEKEND GO?!
I literally woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday.

After such a crazy Holiday weekend, full of celebratory shot-taking and 40 chugging, maybe this whole hydration thing wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I mean, my insides are probably way more than ready for a shock to the system.
Thursday @ Skooters was a mind-blowing, awesome surprise for us. The country bar totally took a chance on bringing in a hip hop band, and we got to party with some really awesome people. You can even check the pics from the show already – we couldn’t wait to share our night out in Shorewood with the world. It was that awesome.
What better way to recover from Thursday night, than to spend Friday @ 115 Bourbon St? Over 2,000 people came to join Chicago’s craziest Halloween party, and Too White Crew was privileged enough to be a part of it. The costumes were in-sane!!! I had a blast getting to help host the costume contest, just to see some of them up close – everyone put so much effort into it. WERK! They’ve actually posted some of the venue’s pics from the night HERE.  We are still cruisin’ through ours to see which aren’t too incriminating… With all the booze flown’ as hard as it was, I honestly can’t wait to see these; but I also don’t wanna get anyone in trouble. 😉
Saturday and Sunday were just total vodka-blurs for me. Bloody Marys for brunch and Fireballs for dinner. Lunchtime is obviously nap time. So yeah! It’s time for some real fluids and water.

This can’t be true.

“Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!” – I hope to hear this before every selfie taken this weekend.
By the way, if you didn’t just recite that line in the style of Ron Burgandy then you’re missing out on a good time. Seriously, though, do any of us ever pass up a little extra rehearsal time in front of the mirror? Ya know, to get the perfect go-face ready for cameras to come out on the weekend? It’s almost a surprise when you see someone’s phone come out or a flash go off, but as long as you got your practice time in you’re golden. I know guys pride themselves on pretending they don’t get it, so I’ll also play pretend: this is mostly for the ladies, ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about. 😉

On that note, ya’ll have ONE CHANCE to put those faces to good us and see us this weekend. Too White Crew will be  bringing our last party in the CHI of 2014 to Cubby Bear Wrigleyville THIS SATURDAY NIGHT @ 10.  Don’t be late!! Fly girls, Bboys, MCs, the entire crew will be in your faces from start to finish.
Keep an eye on our Facebook, we’ve been giving out tickets to some lucky followers all week.

Now about those selfies… even the crew gets in on the fun sometimes. Creep on our instagram and/or twitter for ’em (@toowhitecrew) or share yours from the show (#toowhitecrew). Saturday’s totally gonna be crazy. Get ready for it.

But seriously, this CAN’T be 100% true:

13 hrs later…

AY AY AYYY!  Breakfast at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon?! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been totally slap-happy all day, too; well, until I took a nap, then woke up, then went and burned myself on the bacon grease while flipping it – but seriously, who hasn’t done that before? Let’s be real. It’s nothing a little freezing bottle of vodka resting on it couldn’t fix. Don’t worry, mom & dad, I didn’t drink it all…yet.

Ahhh, the aftermath of the crazy driving we did this weekend – welcome to the rockstar life, right? I rocked out for the entire 5 hrs to Detroit for a kickass, private party (by the way, if you haven’t been to Post Bar in Dearborn, MI, you need to). And again, on the way back to the city the next morning. And let me just tell ya’ll, if anyone denies their sing-a-long habits on long car trips, slap them. They’re lying! I watched at least 5 cars out of 7 rock out as hard as I was, so there.

After stopping in Chicago for a couple hours, I did the next 1.5hrs down to Morris, IL for the Grundy County Corn Fest. As I was informed on my Facebook status the other day, they don’t actually celebrate corn. It was totally another excuse to party like it’s 1999 and dance in the street. But really, who doesn’t love a good street fest? I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of them…it’s like having a favorite food group, but it’s really a favorite way to get your booze on. Ya follow?

September’s coming to a close, but October’s got all kinds of crazy comin’ atcha! Check our Facebook and creep our tour dates tab to keep up with when we’ll party near you.

Meanwhile, I will slap-happily continue to recover from the weekend.


I think I’ve finally recovered from the triple-header this past weekend. Yes, at 2:30pm on a Monday afternoon…better late than never, right? The crew got to party at three of our favorite places, and we even got to see our buddy, (Miggida)3 Matt, throw down one last “Slim Shady.”

The new stage at 115 Bourbon St proved it’s worthiness. A Colt was poured, a fly girl slipped, I drank a beer that was left unattended on the bar – sorry about the lipgloss, dude – and those new lights and that video screen blew everyone’s minds! Luckily, no one was bruised, severely injured, or scarred.
That being said, we’ll go ahead and break the news now: Too White Crew will be back at Bourbon St. on Friday, October 31st. Yes, ON HALLOWEEN. Start planning your costumes and get your game faces on, cause they don’t mess around when it comes to their costume contest.

Rockford!! You guys… GEEZ! YOU. GUYS. Giovanni’s went off without skippin’ a beat. We get some of the greatest welcomes every time our intro hits, and from start to finish, every person in the room stays on their feet. Big Al’s birthday party off of stage right was also goin’ down. Al, the Crew thanks you for all the amazing food before every show, and the incredible hospitality you’ve shown us through the years, and of course for allowing us to trash the banquet room every couple months.

Saturday night, we returned to Chicago and really got crazy at Joe’s on Weed St. After Mayweather went in for the win, the crew took the stage and went in for the kill. Chi-town, ya’ll never disappoint. After a few shots at the bar, after a few cases of beer and bottles of vodka and a few pizzas, we decided it was time for more shots, beers, and 40s (not quite another pizza, but it still gives you the workout). We kept the party jumpin’ nonstop from 11-1:30 and I’m pretty sure that in that time, I never saw an empty cup or bottle. Way to go, kids! That’s called keeping up! :)

The crew is taking this coming weekend off. It’s time to regroup. But still keep in touch with us, on Facebook. And don’t forget to post your pics from the party on Instagram and Twitter (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew).
Meanwhile, cheers to YOU! We all survived the weekend. Let’s get ready for the winter.