Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band


Pro tip for bands who play at Crusens in Peoria…

Don’t book a show the night before. And definitely don’t book a show the night after. Carve out a few days to prepare (like, your will) and recover (doctor visits) hope the good lord is watching over you during your stay. Pray. See you this Saturday!

Crusens this Saturday!

Fri @ Nevin’s & Sat @ Crusens!

Size doesn’t matter! Come see us wreck shop on a stage the size of a laundry token! 

Then Saturday, it’s our most triumphant return to Peoria! See you at Berlin for the after party… 

A Lil Wayne / TWC college tour?

Since Weezy is comin’ to P-town tonight and since we’re wreckin’ shop on the same stage this Saturday, we thought we’d share a little story about how TWC almost went on tour with Lil Wayne a bunch of years ago…

We got a call from an agent who was booking a midwest college tour for Lil Wayne. It was supposed to be 5 or 6 shows. And they needed an opening act. And Too White Crew gets the call??? I told the guy something like, “Not to discredit what we do or anything, but like, you sure this is the mix you’re looking for? I mean you know we’re basically on the other end of the hip hop spectrum, right?”

His response – if I could condense and rephrase what he was trying to say, was, “Exactly. In order for these college admins to approve a show like Lil Wayne and not have a beatdown from parents whose kids’ tuitions are helping fund these concerts, we need to water that shit down with something a little, well, lighter than Lil Wayne. That’s where Too White Crew comes in.”

Ha. We get it. And we thought, “Hell, a little tour with Lil Wayne? Why not.” So just as we were putting the ink to paper on the tour, Lil Wayne got arrested for gun possession and the whole tour got canceled. Dammit, Weezy. Man the stories we coulda had.

Ha. Oh well. Have fun tonight P-town! See you Saturday night!


No way!

O.M.Gee!!! I totally slept through Monday!

Crusens, you’ve done it to me again. Peoria never fails at reminding us why we need to pace ourselves. 😉 It probably didn’t help much that we played at H.O.M.E. the night before – that’s always a pretty crazy place too. Yup! That’s a double Colt 45 hangover, but worth it every time.

We’re gonna be posting updates of all the awesome we have coming up in the next few weeks, including where to find us on Halloween for a pretty bomb-ass costume contest (the winner’s getting a trip to Mexico), and where else you can catch the party all the way up to the New Year. WHAT?! It’s almost the end of the year?! Sheeeit. For all these dates, and even more event info, check out our tour dates tab on Facebook, or just click here.

While I celebrate my recovery from the weekend, feel free to creep the pics from H.O.M.E. last Friday night starting with this one. I’m having slightly a difficult time explaining to myself how I didn’t see this one comin’.

Top 10 things you never hear at Crusens

10. “I’ll have a Merlot.”
9. “Is there valet?”
8. “Did they remodel the bathrooms?”
7.  “I was at Berlin earlier tonight.”
6. “Please don’t make it too strong.”
5. “Big D? Never heard of him.”
4. “I’m sorry but that violates our dress code.”
3. “I don’t do shots.”
2. “I don’t make out with strangers.”

aaand the #1 thing you’ll NEVER hear at Crusens

1. “Mmmm, this place smells like a garden.”


Saturday night: Power 92.3, DJ McFly, Big D, $100 Booty Shake prize, Bradley’s homecoming, Bradley Baseball alumni weekend AND our very own P-tugz’ birthday.

After party at Berlin.

This one’s gonna leave a mark.

What you SHOULD be doing.

Wednesday means we’ve made it halfway through another week. It also means the weekend is creepin’ up. Too White Crew‘s got two bomb-ass shows lined up THIS WEEKEND so we can all party together.
Friday, we’re comin’ H.O.M.E. and the whole crew be raging out in Arlington Heights from 10PM ’til they tell us to stop. Then we gotta book before we all get put away.
We’re planning our recovery for Saturday in Peoria. Yes, you heard me correctly. We are finally back at Crusens II on Farmington Rd! I know, I know, we can’t believe it either. It’s been far too long since we’ve had one of those classic shitshows that we’re all so used to. 10:30. Be there.

…So no you know our plan; and below, I’ve provided ya’ll with a todo list of what you SHOULD be doing before the end of the day:

1) Get all your pre-gaming essentials on ice – vodka, mixers, fireball, beer… you get it.
2) Send that mass text out to all your girls, or guys, and let them know where you’re gonna be and that they need to be there too.
3) Get an extra change of clothes, because you never know what the hell your night will turn into. You think I’m kidding…
4) Get a pen and paper.
5) Before you leave the office, write a note for your boss – just giving a heads up – that you’re planning to hit it hard this weekend, and you may not make it back Monday. There is always a chance that you end up needing that extra rehab day.
6) Start hydrating.
7) Share with us your crazy experience on all social networks, because that’s just how you roll. #toowhitecrew #sorryiparty

Aaaaaaaaand go!


Hey guys! The crew’s got some BIG updates for this weekend and next.  We’re slowing down on fests lately to bust the doors down on all the bars. Keep up with our schedule, and don’t miss any of the crazy comin’ your way.

THIS Friday we’re making our return to Nevin’s Brewing Company in Plainfield. We’ve got our new bass player coming in, who a bunch of you will probably recognize from his previous party partners. He’s got some awesome funk behind his groove that we can’t wait to drop on all ya’ll.

SATURDAY night we’re ready to kill the Peoria Riverfront. This time, we’re playing on the Festival Stage just north of the Gateway Building. I know, I know, for those of you who are anything like me this is gonna get confusing. So, lemme explain it: park in one of the lots or the garage by the river; near, on, or around Water St. Enter through the Gateway Building, and where you’d normally go to your right, GO LEFT!!! It’s not gonna be your usual riverfront show, either: we’ve got 4 FLY GIRLS, Big D, DJ McFly spinnin’ before us and during our set break, AND the Dopestylez crew is bumrushin’ our bubble again before and during the show.
After we clear out the front, Too White Crew is heading right over to Crusens on Farmington Rd. to catch our buddies in The Personnel. They’ll be rockin’ out til they’re told to stop…then the after-after party will be at Berlin. Per the usual – ya’ll know the drill by now, right?
Seriously, this is gonna be the biggest blast to end the summer for everyone. You don’t wanna miss it.

Now, seriously, check out some of our plans for next weekend:
The crew’s got a triple-header starting with 115 Bourbon St in Merrionette Park, NEXT THURSDAY, 9/11. SOUTHSIIIIIIDE! Miggida(3) Matt is comin’ back for ONE NIGHT ONLY to hang with us all, and to officially pass the bass.
AAAAANNNNDDDD… you know that new, huge stage in the front room that they’ve been promoting and showing updates on almost weekly? Turns out that Too White Crew is the FIRST BAND EVER to christen the stage. I mean, why the hell not, right? We’ve got all kinds of options that serve the purpose – Boones Farm, Mad Dog, Colt 45, and I’m sure I’ll find myself some Fireball because that’s just how I roll.

So yeah. Ya’ll don’t want to miss anything I just told you about, because you just don’t.
With all this crazy that’s about to go down with everything I just rattled off to you guys, make sure you connect with us on Facebook. Make sure you and your friends also share your pics with us on Twitter & Instagram (@toowhitecrew / #toowhitecrew).

I hope everyone’s getting in those last few BBQ’s before the summer is really gone…I’m sure this guy’s having a good time. 😉

The Fly Girls give a little suhin suhin back to Peoria…

6th Annual Booty Shake World Championships Are Coming!

Oh boyee, we’re just jiggly with excitement.  First of all, and most importantly, let’s talk booty.

Why Peoria? Well, the first two Championships were held in Chicago, but we noticed a disturbing trend — disturbing if you have Chi pride that is: Just about every Booty Shake winner from any show in Peoria would have mopped the stage with most of the finalists elsewhwere. Believe us when we say it is bittersweet to report that finding, being from Chicago and all. But we gotta give credit where credit it due, and it’s due. Word to Peoria…and to whatever you’re doing down there to breed world class trunks.

So we moved it to P-town four years ago and the finals have been just dandy — truly worthy of a “World Championship”. We’d put these finalists’ backsides up against any booty shakin’ vids you can find on YouTube. Peoria’s own “Big D”, formerly of KISS-FM will again be driving from Michigan to officiate this mess. This is must see TWC. Get there early cuz it’s gonna get butts to nuts fast.

As always, Crusens has mad drink specials and the party continues on downtown when we’ve made a big enough mess of Crusens.

Champeoria this weekend!

We’re gettin’ to the belly of the Ill state this weekend — Fat City in Champaign Friday and Crusens II in Peoria Saturday!