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It’s September Already?!

Okay. I know most of us took a night little break yesterday from the typical Monday because it was Labor Day, and now today totally feels how Monday normally does…or something like that. It’s that way for me, at least.
Anyway, the crew had a lot going on this past weekend. It was definitely a bittersweet way to close out August. Here’s why:

Hollywood Casino in Joliet greeted us with another insane Friday night. Everybody was on their feet from the beginning to end, and even a little on the break. But that was only when they weren’t flocking to the bar. Backstage was definitely the place to be that night. It gets all levels of hot up in there, and you don’t wanna miss it next time.

We brought the party down to the annual Kincaid Family Labor Day Picnic on Saturday night. We didn’t know WHAT we were walking into that night. We’d never been before. Imma say this right now: Ya’ll know how to throw down! This turned out to be quite the hidden gem of a party town just outside of Springfield.
This pleasant surprise in Kincaid was totally perfect, too. This is where we had our official sendoff to Miggida(3) Matt. For almost 7 years, this guy has killed it as Too White Crew‘s bass player; and as our ears for so much of the medleys, harmonies, and extra little sounds you catch in each song to prove it’s all live. :)  He’s got some incredible opportunities ahead of him, so as sad as it is for us to see him go, I think it’s fair for me to say we are each very excited for his new endeavors.

THIS FRIDAY, we will be introducing our new bass player to you all.  You don’t want to miss it! This guy will look familiar to some of you, and he’s got fly written all over him. The dude’s got some awesomely funky grooves, and we’re ready to show him off to the world…or at least the midwest until we’re flown away somewhere. 😉  Get ready, ya’ll…