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Fresh Kid Ice

TWC’s “Behind the Music” moment with 2 Live Crew


With today’s passing of 2 Live Crew‘s Fresh Kid Ice, I was reminded of the hysterical and awkward moment he and I had when Too White Crew and 2 Live Crew shared the stage one night a few years ago and now’s as good as time as any to put it out there.

The year is 2011, and Too White Crew was performing at an after party for an, umm, “adult entertainment expo” in Chicago and it just so happens 2 Live Crew was also performing earlier in the night at that same convention. The event organizers asked if we could perform with Me So Horny with them on our stage – a sort of “Too White Crew meets 2 Live Crew” for the first time. We were all about it. The only problem is…somewhat embarrassingly, we had never actually covered Me So Horny before so we had to learn the song first.

Not a big deal, considering that it’s musically very simple. And I remember the song well but never committed the lyrics to memory. But I didn’t need to learn the lyrics because we were only asked to have our band back 2 Live Crew while they bum rush our stage and rap the song. So we learned it and headed to the gig.

We thought we’d have some time to meet them before we started and sort of go through how it would all go down but for whatever reason, they didn’t get to the side of the stage until we had already started our set. So when we got to Me So Horny in the set list, I called them up to the stage without actually having talked to them about how we were going to do the song. But then something weird happened. Only Fresh Kid Ice came onto the stage. I don’t know if Luke or Brother Marquis were even there. All I know is that we had 1 Live Crew on stage, a packed house and everyone seemed to have their phones out ready to record. And that’s when shit got funny.

Fresh Kid Ice looked at me and said, “Go ahead and take the first verse”. Problem is, I didn’t know it. So I said to him, “Nah man, go ahead, this is all you.” He said back to me, “No really, you do it.” And I pretty much said the same thing back – um, because, like, I had no other option. I didn’t know the verse. All this time mind you, the band had already started the song, so they were basically playing the same measure of music over and over again during the time in which the verse was supposed to be happening, while Kid and I are circle jerking around this issue of who’s gonna rap the verse.

I finally had to lean in and admit, “Man, I’m sorry, we’ve never actually covered Me So Horny.” He pulled back, looked at me and said, “Wait, you mean you’re Too White Crew and you don’t know the lyrics to 2 Live Crew?” And I looked back at him and said, “Wait, you mean you’re 2 Live Crew and you don’t know the lyrics to 2 Live Crew?”

We both started laughing and he went on to sing the second verse. I can’t even remember how we finished the song but I’ll never forget that exchange, which dragged on all the way through what was supposed to be the first verse. It was a hot mess for sure.

I later realized that Brother Marquis was the one who always sang the first verse – not Fresh Kid Ice – so it was my bad. But in my defense if I’d have known I supposed to step in as “The Other Live Crew” for that song, I’d have learned the lyrics.

A couple days later, apparently TMZ had caught wind of “2 Live Crew forgetting their lyrics on stage” and reached out to me to see if I had any footage. I wasn’t about to put either of us on TMZ even though “any press is good press” as they say, so I didn’t cough it up.

It seems a lot funnier now than it did then, so whoomp, there it is. That’s what went down back in 2011 when TWC and 2LC met for the first time.

PS, on a side note, Ron Jeremy was there and this is what he had to say about Too White Crew.