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NYE 2017!!!

12/29 UPDATE! $20 general admission tiks have just been added for those who don’t want a food/drink package!

NYE is one of those “Big or Stay Home” nights – where you either lay low or go for broke. Chicago’s NYE Gold Coast Toast is the “go for broke”:


For decades, the Gold Coast bars on Division St. have been a nut house on New Year’s Eve, being home to city peeps, suburbanites and visitors from all over the globe who want to party in Chicago for NYE. Well the six big bars in that hood just formed the “NYE Gold Coast Toast” event – party packages that take this thing to the next level. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s a Saturday night this year, which means these bars are open until 5AM.

We’ll be at Mother’s – that’s right, the Mother’s you went to back in the day, when you were sweating it out while the bouncer studied your ID…the Mother’s that has been the rite of passage for those coming to the city from pretty much everywhere – for decades. That whole strip of bars on Division is cranking it up more than ever and we can’t wait to stumble around the Gold Coast until 5AM.

In the words of Spinal Tap’s musical genius, Nigel Tufnel, “This one goes to 11”.

Click here for ticket information!

Thank You, Chicago!


You braved the typical July tundra and the fog …where are we, London?… and repped at the Beer Garden @ Navy Pier last Wednesday night – along with a busload of our homies from Indiana. This is why we couldn’t call it until our keys were gettin’ wet UNDER the tarps. True dedication right thurr. Thank YOU.

Saturday night went down without skippin’ a beat, except for when the Fly Girls bounced the stage so hard it rocked Shor T’s turntable.  We brought on our Extremely Worthless Posse, and they couldn’t even keep up with the crowd that came to throw down with us. Taste of Lakeview is always one of our favorites because of that. Next up in Chicago… Summer on Southport this Saturday at @8:00 on the Main Stage!

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Speaking of “know”…if ya don’t, now ya do!