Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

navy pier

Free is good.

So is a 90 cent beer, which is what Joe’s Bar is serving up this Thursday. I would like to recommended taking advantage of their temporary insanity. Now I’m no mathematician so someone please help me out here. It’s like this: They’re having 90’s Thursdays with 90 cent drafts all summer. Great deal. OK, I get it. And they’re also having 90’s hip hop trivia with prizes. OK, I get that too. But then they’re also lobbing in Too White Crew, and we ain’t exactly cheap. Hmmm, so how much is THIS cover charge gonna need to be? Well, apparently nuthin if you get there before 9:00. Aaaand apparently nuthin if you RSVP to Even if you completely screw that up, you’ll only hafta pay $5. Otherwise, you can catch our show AND a solid buzz for less than a sleeve of shitty golf balls.

If you’re on an Adidas shoestring budget, this is your night. If you wanna ball, you can buy the whole damn bar a round and still not be at the cost of a bottle at a club. Do it playa.

Then we go to the Navy Pier Beer Garden Friday. Which is also free. And all ages. And all everything. Because Navy Pier loves erryone…and erryone loves Navy Pier. You’ll see the greatest cross-section of humanity that you’ll prolly ever see — at least at a TWC show. And they’re all throwing down to old school together. It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh and did I mention that it’s free?

Thank You, Chicago!


You braved the typical July tundra and the fog …where are we, London?… and repped at the Beer Garden @ Navy Pier last Wednesday night – along with a busload of our homies from Indiana. This is why we couldn’t call it until our keys were gettin’ wet UNDER the tarps. True dedication right thurr. Thank YOU.

Saturday night went down without skippin’ a beat, except for when the Fly Girls bounced the stage so hard it rocked Shor T’s turntable.  We brought on our Extremely Worthless Posse, and they couldn’t even keep up with the crowd that came to throw down with us. Taste of Lakeview is always one of our favorites because of that. Next up in Chicago… Summer on Southport this Saturday at @8:00 on the Main Stage!

If you haven’t yet, keep up with the crew on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@toowhitecrew).  Each of these links will keep you in the know with Too White Crew and all of our backstage clownin’ with and around each other.

Speaking of “know”…if ya don’t, now ya do!

Taste of Lakeview Saturday!!!!

 Too White Crew will represent in the 773 at the Taste of Lakeview. Meet us at the south stage (Belmont & Lincoln) at 8pm. We’ll call this one the official “4th of July After Party.”

While we all count down the minutes to showtime, join the party and invite your homies on Facebook. If that isn’t enough of a play-by-play for you, get more a sneak peak of the clownin’ that happens offstage, backstage, in our cars, or while we bob for 40s on Instagram & Twitter (@toowhitecrew).

Just in case you were at all curious, we’d love to find 6 sets of these for our Fly Girls. Not that they need the help getting off the ground, it’d just be really funny:

Too White Crew @ Navy Pier Beer Garden this Friday…and it’s FREE!

So this is what you’re in for if you go to our free, all ages show this Friday at the Navy Pier Beer Garden. We’re only on from 10:00PM-11:30PM so don’t be late! If you get there early, you’ll get to check out our homies from Rendition.

TWC would also like to give a big shout out to the Chicago Cannabis Conference which just so happens to be at Navy Pier this Friday as well. It’s like a coincidence from a greater power.

Too White Crew’s annual Navy Pier show is Friday night!

It’s all-ages friendly and it’s FREE! The Navy Pier Beer Garden is one of our favorite places to perform cuz all walks of life are welcome at the Pier — so we hope our show Friday night includes YOUR WALK! We’re on from 8-11PM.

Here’s a video trailer for the show…