Too White Crew - Chicago's All Live Hip Hop Tribute Band

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Pro tip for bands who play at Crusens in Peoria…

Don’t book a show the night before. And definitely don’t book a show the night after. Carve out a few days to prepare (like, your will) and recover (doctor visits) hope the good lord is watching over you during your stay. Pray. See you this Saturday!

Crusens this Saturday!

Ballin’ on a Budget?

Joe’s Live in Rosemont is playing host to our 90’s hip hop sh*t show this Friday, August 26th and, well, if you’re having problems rubbing two nickels together – or if you just wanna shave a few bucks of your tab, we’re here for you! The first five people to invite at least fitty of their homies to Joe’s Facebook event for this show are gonna have their names at the door (read the rules first!).  No line, no cover. All ballin’. If you really wanna kick it, invite 100 and we’ll comp you and a guest.

Here are the rules…

  1. “Like” this post (scroll to the bottom) and “Like” Too White Crew on Facebook. Here’s the link.
  2. Send a message to the band’s FB page when you’re ready to invite your friends, but don’t invite your friends till you get a reply from the band! Be patient. Sometimes we pass out and stuff.
  3. Invite at least 50 people.  And don’t invite people who suck. We’ve all got FB friends who think smiling is a chore. Leave them out of this. Invite the story makers – the ones who fall into walls – then apologize to the wall…the ones that’ll rip the shot out of your hand and pound it because you took too long. THOSE friends.
  4. Let us know you’re done inviting people. We’ll check your work and put your name on the list.
  5. Spend that money on shots.
And no, if you invite 500, you don’t get 10 comps…but you WILL get a “Got Back?” tank at the show if you do! :
Get in for free

Rock. Yeah. Ford. Yeah. Boling. Yeah. Brook. Yeah.

Giovanni’s in Rockford Friday and Tailgater’s in Bolingbrook Saturday?! We like it a lohht.

Come see DJ Shor T’s final weekend before she takes some time off to kick breast cancer right in the thingy. You can follow her most unique and brave journey here. She’ll be back soon though so just go order a bowl of soup du jour and don’t you worry. In the meantime, we’re going to bring you some from fresh new tunes and feature P.Tugz on the mic and keys! Oh, and we’re bringing DJ McFly with us all the way from Peoria to turn this mutha out.

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NEW! New is good. 

We’ve got two new fests this weekend! This means plenty of WTF faces and grown ups dusting off dance moves that they thought were closeted forever (“fo’evuh, fo’evuh evuh?”). Friday’s show is at the Forest Park Music Fest and will be “all ages appropriate” so it’s shorty friendly. It’s right on Roosevelt Rd. and we’re on the east stage from 8-10PM. We’ll be heading to Doc Ryan’s to throw down after the show.


Saturday night is gonna snap like Rice Krispies. Plainfield always shows us mad love and now we’re playing their annual summer bash. Our homies the Modern Day Romeos are opening for us and we’re all wrecking shop in the beer garden. Which means it’s not all ages. Which means we get to throw DOWWWWWWWN. After party at MoeJoe’s!

Champeoria this weekend!

We’re gettin’ to the belly of the Ill state this weekend — Fat City in Champaign Friday and Crusens II in Peoria Saturday!